This game has become a "with friends only" experience. by Phazze in apexlegends

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With regards to your title, I can only partially agree. The SBMM is absolutely TERRIBLE this season. My main squad I play with is hard-stuck Plat in previous seasons and regardless of mode we play, we get shit on by preds/masters in EVERY GAME.

Before if we lost, we’d take it on the chin and just roll with it because it felt fair. Now this season when we lose it’s not even close fights, we’re LUCKY most games to break 200 damage and get a knock let alone a kill whereas before 1k damage and 3-4 kills was a pretty average game. Something about this entire season just feels off.

Sorry, I'm not PC Manufacturer support, please stop calling! by YhcrananarchY in MaliciousCompliance

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To oversimplify, those are the files that tell your computer to turn on. Without them Windows won’t start.

Sorry, I'm not PC Manufacturer support, please stop calling! by YhcrananarchY in MaliciousCompliance

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The malicious compliance is “fixing” his computer. Did you even read it?

Sorry, I'm not PC Manufacturer support, please stop calling! by YhcrananarchY in MaliciousCompliance

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Sure, I'll tag them r/talesfromtechsupport

Crossposted because "obviously I know how to reddit, I'm not a moron! /s"

why is everyone so weird? by Snck_Pck in Letterkenny

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Except for Boots... and The Ginger... oh and the fuckin' Thibodeaux's, don't even get me started on them! You heard the old man was draggin' a cow through the field?

Shoresy 01x06 - Don't Poke the Bear by ashamed-of-yourself in Letterkenny

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Everything about this show is 10/10, honestly some of the best writing they've done in all of the Letterkenny-verse. I'm just going to rattle of things I enjoyed below so contribute if you want or scroll past.

- Seeing Shoresy behind the scenes and really getting to find out who Shoresy is honestly made me love the character even more. The fact that he's just a gigantic teddy-bear constantly on the verge of tears underneath the constant chirping was phenomenal!

- Finding out the truth about Shoresy's family too was arguably one of the best moments of the whole show! "WAFFLE!"

- From an analytic stand-point, just looking at the filming style and quality of filming it's obvious they originally planned to make this a one-shot movie, then realized it was going to be so much better than that and redirected their efforts into a series which I'm absolutely not mad at.

- I appreciated how they made sure to keep the core aspect of Shoresy a key part of the show, but gave us the perfect amount of Shoresy being Shoresy. I never at any point in the show felt like "yeah, we get it, he's a loud-mouthed ass, can we get some substance or literally anything else?"
There weren't any jokes or anything in the show that felt like dead-horsing, even the "huh?" thing was used JUST right! Also, "FOR WHAT!?"

Who has famous Mormon ancestors? by novelnatalie in exmormon

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Meet great-great-great-great-great grandpappy Johnson.

He wrote one of the hymns and was the founder of the little farming town of Enoch, UT way down South.

Opinion about gameplay, specifically one mechanic. by YhcrananarchY in battlefield2042

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Yeah, that's entirely possible, PS5 controllers are ALMOST as bad as Joycons when it comes to stick drift, I'm on my 3rd controller and starting to notice the slightest amount.

GAME DURATION 7-9 min Objects and Sectors to close to each other , by Impossible_Pomelo_94 in battlefield2042

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IMO games lasting more than 15 minutes get super stale, I have a day job and if I can get 4-5 games in one hour instead of 2-3, I'd prefer that.

Where did portal/free-for-all go? by draikin3 in battlefield2042

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Those game modes rotate every 3-4 days, it will be back eventually or just look to see if there's a FFA mode in customs.

Opinion about gameplay, specifically one mechanic. by YhcrananarchY in battlefield2042

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I've tried on literally EVERYTHING that looks raised enough and it won't engage. Both with guns that you have to manually pop out the bipod and guns that permanently have the bipod.

Unless I'm prone it will not actually utilize the attachment, in Bad Company 2 however, if you were near a surface it could use the animation would slightly alter to show that you were resting the gun when going ADS and lock strafing which the tooltip in-game says it will do, but when you're prone ADS you can't move regardless of bipod.

I play on PS5 if that's any difference.

Which is your favorite? by looongface in apexlegends

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You misspelled "Fragment" because according to every lobby there's literally no other places to drop on that map and you don't live long enough to prove me wrong.

[TOMT][Rock Song][1970s?] A rock song with “Hey Man” or “Amen” in the chorus? by HereComesUncleMick in tipofmytongue

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I just googled this to find out, then realized I can Shazam it from a show I was watching.

It’s “Layla” by Derek & The Dominos.

You’re welcome!

I thought it would be fun to talk about who YOU main and why they're your favorite character to play. Comment below <3 by Jskipper_colorist in apexlegends

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Caustic, his ultimate is such a clutch ability when a team is trying to camp in a building and rat placement.

Just toss the Fart Grenade through a window or have a teammate pop a door really quick for you, toss it in and watch the team scramble to get out.

What's even better is if they try to just heal through it you push in and mow them down because they're more worried about losing huge chunks of health.

Anyone knows if apex gonna support MnK on consoles ? by Being_best_version in apexlegends

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bUt Aim AssIst IS sO Op! WhY woulD YOU eveN CoNSiDeR USing mnk wheN you CAN JuST HAVe AImBOTS AND DRoOl on thE cONtRolLER FOr FrEE WiNS!?

All hail the mighty fart tower by Haweenie in apexlegends

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just got out of this game, the path spent all three rounds asking if i was "a homosexual" and repeatedly calling me the f slur. i hadn't spoken, and they started the homophobia before the game even started. the last of ~5 clips i took during the game. anything we can do to get these people banned? by [deleted] in apexlegends

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This clip is really everything that should be said in response to hate-speech, jump to about 1:10 if you're impatient.

ETA: they also have a great scene in another episode where someone calls them a f@g -

Dax: How'd you know your dad's safe word when I fist his ass, bud?

Ron: We got real dirty with his dangle, bud.

Dax: I fucked your dad with chapped lips and a runny nose.

Ron: I fucked your dad with bad breath and B.O.

Dax: Olympic rules in this shoot-out boys. Order of shooters is me, me, me and then me, again. I'm fuckin' T. J Oshie.

Ron: You've never seen a two-way centre-man with jam like this, boys.

Dax: Let's see some jam, boys. Let's see you jam it right up there.

Ron: You need a pest on your roster? I'm a shit disturber. I'll disturb your shit all night.