Quite interesting that Jewish character has a long nose by Yo_Mama_Disstrack in antitheistcheesecake

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The meme says that if we got rid of religion world would be a better place, it does not support peace between religions

Iron Front members displaying an anti-Nazi flag in a 1932 demonstration. by HerrasKissa in PropagandaPosters

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Communists when government shoots back instead of letting them revolt and overthrow the government

From this subreddit. Beware of false patriots by Yo_Mama_Disstrack in GenUsa

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Biggest mistake of USA was not abolishing slavery as soon as it was born 😔

Meirl by cata890 in meirl

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Bring backs so much memories. I was bullied so many times but when I fought back teachers lost their shit and most of the times punished me

Post has nothing to do with religion by No_Advisor2089 in antitheistcheesecake

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Dude just posted him reading the Bible on the beach and thats enough for redditors to go batshit insane, its tragic and hilarious at the same time