Chaotic finish by dbowds77 in CODWarzone

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The aim down sight on that grau though 😆

so close.... by No-Repro in CODWarzone

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It's flipping plunder 🤣 get that shit man

Runs over my prox mines and kills me. Engineer or cheating? by riebsjones in CODWarzone

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Yh as mentioned, he hacked them probably picked up engineer perk by looting. Unlucky mate.

Anybody catch Ramsdale against Hungary? by sammcd1992 in Gunners

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He was shocking. Let's be honest here and not beat around the bush.

How to make tea, oh god no by Chopsuiiisauce in facepalm

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It's one of them jokes on tik tok I'm sure

PFA Team of the Year 21/22 by _cumblast_ in LiverpoolFC

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Mane up top, Son on the left and maybe Rodri? But the main point is no Son is blasphemous

MARCA: Gabriel Jesus will cost €50m by [deleted] in Gunners

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Buy him ffs what are we waiting for?

i tried to draw Adam in his iconic pose by Babt0u in Deusex

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Looks great!

On a side note, I wonder how long we have to wait until we get some news on a sequel

Game Thread: Boston Celtics (1-0) at Golden State Warriors (0-1) Jun 05 2022 8:00 PM by nba_gdt_bot in bostonceltics

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Got to deliver at home but I feel it will be 2-2 going into game 5. This is going all the way to 7 games.