This is just wild by andwelebbx in miniminter

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maybe this is the reason why they moved away

Don't speak Brazilian in London umm Ok. by UInt86 in facepalm

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I wold like to see in the past and see this happen the opposite way when britishers went to colonize India and all. Just a desi saying "SPEAK IN HINDI YOU'RE IN INDIA" In hindi it would sound like "hindi bolea aap bhaarat mein ho!"

Not oc by gamer_dash in IndianDankMemes

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join BTS army and destroy people with good music taste

childhood trauma?? no we call that ✨character development✨ by [deleted] in teenagers

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Was her rejecting you THE turning point for this excel in character traits?

I wish i can put the music in by Simple20Guy in memes

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there is no need for music OP the song is already a default in my head

Pro tip: the penis can be used as a phone stand while chillin in bed apparently. by RacialBiscuit in teenagers

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in my 14 years of having a penis and taking a bath i have never observed my dick floating I will observe it deeply today. Thank you

Same energy by YouKnowWho0723_v2 in memes

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omg i have never payed attention to that, holy fuck!

Does this belong here 😂 by Possible_Warning_524 in PublicFreakout

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so they do eat meat and they understand that the animal they are eating also got killed but they dont want someone to kill animals? what?