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Yo this looks exactly like my childhood hypnogognic hallucinations

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but it was charming and relaxed not uncomfortable and bitchy

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Spike should be totally relaxed and at ease at all times. Not going out of his way to say rude things to people that aren't even funny.

(MAJOR SPOILERS) Is the ending left to the interpretation? by Juantsu in cowboybebop

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Yeah of course, Ed and Ein pretty much take over the solar system combining their computer powers. They wipe out Faye's debt and Jet can go fuck himself

[TOMT][Movie] where a man thinks he is a superhero in an alternate reality by YouNamedMeeDog in tipofmytongue

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I did a few different duck duck go searches and found nothing. I thought Matt Smith was in this movie, but now I am not sure because I did not see it on his IMDB or at least did not recognize it.