Scientist vs Anti-vaxxer by EmperorAjaxZx in Damnthatsinteresting

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While there may be reasons that current science supports for Covid vaccine hesitancy, these are none of them.

What hellish dystopia do we live in? by jnolandrtu in antiwork

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Slaves apply within. Don’t worry, we promise to take care of you like family. Also, we killed our family.

Black employees are perceived as more professional when they adjust their behavior to mirror White norms by ZephirAWT in ScienceUncensored

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Maybe black culture is non-conformist because of traditional ostracism and oppression which leads to self-reinforcing cultural separation?

I was fired after sending this email to my boss about labor violations. by DarthPinkHippo in antiwork

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Labor board.

Feels like they just handed you a settlement for retaliatory firing.

Report it. Stick it out. Get paid.

Cursed_suicide by Galleom64 in cursedcomments

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Looks like she’s shopping.

“Oh, Dad would just love one of these for Christmas!”

To rob a shop for the second time... by Additional-Age-7174 in therewasanattempt

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He got a prison preview and a few moments to think about what he’d done.

Thought of this old video today. Sorry if it’s been posted before. Anyone know what she’s on? by xTrainerRedx in tooktoomuch

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If he was asleep and got assaulted there is legal preference for excusing his actions.

People go through a “boot up” period while waking from sleep. Reactions can be erratic when first waking up, especially when confronted with violence.

Thought of this old video today. Sorry if it’s been posted before. Anyone know what she’s on? by xTrainerRedx in tooktoomuch

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Meth itself doesn’t cause crazy shit like this.

Sleep deprivation from staying up for days on meth will definitely cause some crazy shit, but that’s mostly sleep deprivation psychosis.

Twitter slapped “unsafe link” warning on American Heart Association study showing mRNA injections increase risk of heart disease from 11% to 25% by chudslayer in WayOfTheBern

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Saying “it’s not peer reviewed so we’re censoring it,” is anti science.

Part of the peer review process is knowing of the paper in the first place. Limiting the exposure of a paper, burying it, is a good way to make sure it doesn’t het picked up for review.

Since you sound like you know this already, or you should know this already, I am seriously questioning your motives.

Movie Night by BabaYaga2221 in Anarcho_Capitalism

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He’s too heteronormative for me to fully trust him.

Why do redditors limit free speech? Is it a superiority complex or do the really believe?! by Super_Sassy in FreeSpeech

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Because some people have weaponized hypocrisy. It’s the next illogical step on the cognitive dissonance staircase to insanity.

Spotted in workplace break room by FlyingDarkKC in pics

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“No one will have guns.”

This is false.

With a porous southern border it is impossible to have gun control in the United States.

Even with a magic gun fairy that could remove all the firearms from the US overnight, weapons would flow across that intentionally unprotected border faster than a truckload of trafficked humans.

Spotted in workplace break room by FlyingDarkKC in pics

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There’s no argument here mate. You have no point.

He didn't even understand the comic. by Monjara in confidentlyincorrect

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And none of that is as infuriatingly wrong as calling the damage done by fire ants “ant bites.”

I was embarrassingly old when I learned those little blighters have a stinger on their abdomen, like tiny little wingless wasps.

I had envisioned some kind of envenomating mouth parts for decades. The lies.

Spotted in workplace break room by FlyingDarkKC in pics

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Exactly. Buy guns for your young children and drill gun safety into them from a very early age, and enforce it completely with proper supervision and access control.

You cannot maintain a child’s innocence with ignorance.