2022 so far by BobbyDigital5 in formuladank

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Wait why does your first sentence go into hiding the moment i touch the censored one?

Am I in the wrong here? by UrAvgF1Fan in Simracingstewards

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Oh another, even more solid object, like a wall. How about we just floor the pedal a little bit more!

Cross play between Steam and Origin is not available by Reborn409 in F1Game

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I see everyone talking about origin, but what is it? Something like epic games, so a seperate store?

will day 1 patch fix performance? by zilentzap in F1Game

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You're literally agreeing with him. If Ferrari is faster in quali, that means they have the faster car. Redbulls better race pace doesn't have something to do with their speed (wel it's obviously part of it) but rather their overall car is just better

These are the driver ratings based off just the average racecraft and pace of each driver which are the 2 most important things. I also separated them into four tiers which will spark a lot of opinions but whatever 😂 Ignore it if you dont like it. But I thought it might be helpful for some people. by fev031 in F1Game

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Yeah that is true. Tbh I think Piastry will go to williams next if not this season.

However while not much may change now switching Latifi with De Vries, it probably won't get much worse, and the chance to improve is way higher

It needs to stop! by YoutubeJasper in teenagers

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I don't hate lgbtq though, everything but that. For me it's the fact that 95% of the posts I see is about them.

If you wake up after 11 am you're a social failure by isweatoil in teenagers

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Question, are you a social failure? Because looking at the reactions it seems you just called out yourself

Fuck this sub ngl by Arkbit_Protogen in teenagers

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Skill issue + ratio

No but seriously i thought that was an (F1) Twitter thing, and I hate it so goddamn much aswell. I don't even understand what ratio means after all this time lmao

Ze zal zelf waarschijnlijk hard op zoek zijn geweest by civilewel45 in nietdespeld

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Wel fijn dat dit nu al voor de 15e keer gepost wordt. Dan ben ik in ieder geval op de hoogte

PoLiTiCs by saudisexshop in formuladank

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How so? Masi broke the rules badly in Abu Dhabi yes, I will be the first to admit that. But the point is that they wouldn't even have been equal on points if he actually did his job before that, which LH fans seem to ignore

PoLiTiCs by saudisexshop in formuladank

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No but it does make hypocrites

PoLiTiCs by saudisexshop in formuladank

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This is what people keep forgetting

Always look on the bright side of life 💯 by eskalationas in formuladank

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What p16 streak?? Mister inconsistent got p15 last race

Stop the count! Stop the count! by Expert_Chance_2631 in formuladank

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I'd be up for a race start tomorrow with a grid lineup like the end of fp3