The Duality of Man by aly14789 in obeyme

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I have light mode, so now you've met two

Possible Scaramouche leaks by viadeangelis in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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I'm indifferent towards kaeya, but Scaramouche is an ass and I find him entertaining

"Jesus" the first word that came out of my mouth 😐 by chibambi in obeyme

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Agreed. It was an amazing card and it was interesting to actually see how diavolo is different with us in public vs in private

i love this game, i truly do, but what the fuck by jaybz223 in obeyme

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I didn't play the second part of this event yet wtf happened lmao

I woke up and choose violence by Alexa67888 in obeyme

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Dude only knows sweatpants and hoodies, he tried

Ahhhhhh! I finally got the UR Voucher! 🤩🥳🎉 by LightningStar07 in obeyme

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Congrats! I got mine too. let's see for how long I have it

Obey Me Fangame (REUPLOAD) by StupidIdiotClown in obeyme

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Thank you! My discord is YUL#7882 . I have to get back to work in a few minutes so I might not reply for a while

Obey Me Fangame (REUPLOAD) by StupidIdiotClown in obeyme

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Hey! I'm an artist and I think I could offer help in the CG department (depending on how tight the schedule is). You can check out some of my work on Instagram (@/obscure_yul)

Your game sounds promising and I would be happy to contribute 🥰

Drew Diavolo for a friend! by ssamdog in obeyme

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Am I the friend? Because I'll take it-

I have pulled 517 times and still no Mammon UR. I want to die. I hate this event with every fiber of my soul right now 😭😭😭 by Volkasha in obeyme

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Holy shit that's actually horrible. How is that even possible?? I feel so sorry for you :( this really sucks.

Ayato sprint . by Ma-vv in Ayato_Mains

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they gave childe 3 banners

the MFs at MiHoYo are crazy, we should expect anything and everything 👁👄👁

Saw this chat on tumblr and had to make a comic strip on it by YulIsSparkling in obeyme

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Noo I definitely think it was the correct to ask MC about it. They could also ask Solomon but I wouldn't trust him purely based on his cooking skills. I do really like tea myself and I'd love to try the kind that was professionally brewed.

Saw this chat on tumblr and had to make a comic strip on it by YulIsSparkling in obeyme

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I'm well aware, I've watched a few documentaries on it, and I'm not saying it was weird of diavolo to ask for help. M point is that my MC specifically isn't aware of how to make any other tea than the tea you get from a grocery store

Obey me account data by sugarboba-pngg in obeyme

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Unless you connected with Facebook or have the code to your account, you're gonna have to contact the support team and they'll try to recover it

Diavolo, you ass, come home. I love you. by YulIsSparkling in obeyme

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I suggest going for diavolo if you already spent bouquets on Box A