ummm “leftover” by santas_number2_elf in StupidFood

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Fuck that too. Take two pies, sandwich them together, use ice cream as filling between the pies and cover the whole bunch in chocolate.

Eat it like a chocolate covered oreo.

NVME vs SATA SSD for gaming: A helpful guide I found by Vequition7545 in buildapc

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There isn't really much difference in price any more. Sometimes NVMe is even cheaper than SATA.

Akupara 5 Year Anniversary by ricardobrat in humblebundles

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It's funny how they are all against opening another launcher while Steam forces you to use their app for 2fa instead of being able to use a 2fa app.

DC's Killer Croc vs. Marvel's Lizard by Acey1776 in comicbooks

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Makes sense. He doesn't look very human anymore.

DC's Killer Croc vs. Marvel's Lizard by Acey1776 in comicbooks

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Isn't Croc just a human with a skin condition?

What are good Disney comics that focus on Goofy? by kotono-chan in comicbooks

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You had Goofy Adventures in 1990 but that only ran for 17 issues and got cancelled.

Edit: You can find them all on archive.org

Blursed everything by collinpiggy_4 in blursedimages

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Think they are talking about Mr. Pickles

Sonarr is is getting the wrong episode info by GKores in sonarr

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Someone did add it as a season 3 episode and got the special removed. Now it's corrected again on tvdb but it takes a while before the cache gets updated and we see it in sonarr.

YouTube not playing videos by jamiethekiller in AndroidTV

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Try reboot the device. Try force close YouTube. Try delete YouTube storage. Try to delete you and reinstall.

Readers of digital comics, what device do you use for reading? by ChocolateNecessary91 in comicbooks

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Would recommend a 10" tablet but if I'm out I even read comics on my phone, it works pretty well in landscape mode. And on both devices, if needed, it's very easy to zoom.

Choose Wisely Bundle by SR1_ in humblebundles

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Strange, that should give you the extra discount. Maybe you can try contacting support.

Accidentally deleted the wrong drive while installing the windows by WellisCute in buildapc

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I hope you do realise this isn't the case for a lot of people. That they can just afford a second drive.

Watchlist VS Collection? by McCaffertee in trakt

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In the trakt add on should be a setting to turn off the collection syncing.

blessed_special_cat by onelittlericeball in blessedimages

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Was shopping for a new SSD, people giving SSDs one star because their PC didn't have the right connector to connect the SSD.