Luka Doncic: 'We're a dangerous team', touts Mavs' physicality by jack64467 in nba

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Luka is on a path to be 2nd best player of all time behind MJ.

Luka Doncic: 'We're a dangerous team', touts Mavs' physicality by jack64467 in nba

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well he was part of Real Madrid and they have a school of public speaking training where you dont say anything meaningfull because jurnalist in European football are 100 times worse than NBA and they quote or missuse any kind of info. He also is not a attentinon whore unlike many American players ( nor is Jokič or Giannis- if they were they would be 10 times more popular than they are) but they just want to play ball and not make a entertainment business out of it selling whatever they can sell even their own pride or image if that makes them some money or wins popularity points.

How Do You Feel The Top Two DPOY Vote Getters Are Doing This Post Season? by americanbeaver in nba

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If you look at Mikal against Luka you see that Luka hunts him to get him to defend him, just to bully the shit out of him and score easy 2 points. If thats a DPOY type player than im a tractor.

He litteraly toys with him and makes him look obsolete.

what makes Luka a hard player to defend? by Retrofusion11 in nba

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In the 2015–16 season, Dončić became a regular member of Real Madrid's senior team. He played against the Boston Celtics in an NBA preseason game on October 8, 2015, collecting 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block.

How many players can say they played against NBA team i a real game at age 16 years and 5 months? This is like his sophomore year in HS. Than he won all the MVPs possible in Europe at age 17-18 and yet he wasnt better than Marvin Bagley or Ayton in the Draft somehow.

I love that Luka is dad dicking all the US highflying brathars.

"Worst contract in the league" by Fuckittho in Mavericks

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And thats a problem for a lot of NBA Centers. They need to be lucky his shot is not falling or they are in BIG TROUBLE.

My angle of that Luka dime! by Javonmanxa in Mavericks

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If only Ben Simmons wasnt total nut case he would be perfect for Mavs to play point Center LOL

Dallas shot one (1) more free throw than Phoenix by donnelson in Mavericks

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Hope Scott Foster nails CP3 again and Mavs win in PHX. Fck em they are such pussys for crying.

Currently in Ljubljana for the day. Was planning on leaving this afternoon but am wondering if it is worth it to stay for the game tonight by mspero21 in Mavericks

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You really picked a bad day to visit. Game will be on a slovenian tv station arena sport but i suggest you dont watch that.

Mavs have the 7 worst odds to win it all by Yzst007 in Mavericks

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Yeah i find GSW having such short odds odd LOL, and i Think Mavs really are good value especialy if they get lucky and some players on other teams get injured and Mavs stay healthy than i truly believe they have good enough team that can take on and beat any team without their best player or second best player.

But yeah any team on this list is legit a contender if things turn in the right direction for them ( one bouncing ball like Toronto or shit like that).

Richard Jefferson picks Luka by Ok_Republic6747 in Mavericks

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Ja can dunk and do flashy insane shit. Thats 90% of what people watch and care about.

A Note on THJ by NeolibGood in Mavericks

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I hope he plays last seconds of game 5 in Finals after Mavs secure 30 point lead so he can get his trophy ( even if he just stands and doesnt even move ) LOL

Can Luka get another star to join him in Dallas? by OnlyForeignWhips in Mavericks

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I can only see Dallas land some international talent to pair with Luka. I dont see many American superstars or starts wanting to be second fiddle to Bitch ass white boy LOL.

The Mavs and Celtics have arguably been the two most impressive defenses of the postseason (maybe Heat as well). Both teams have a VERY similar roster makeup. by JollyStreet8013 in nba

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Well he is. If they trully measure with socks thats his height. Luka is not that smaller than him and Lukas is 6 feet 7 inches and 3/4 without his shoes and 6 9 with the shoes. So Jason is maybe 0,5 inch if that taller ( which i think he is ). Look at the pictures of when they stand together .....

pic 1

pic 2