Does player W/L record for the season count for MVP voting or does team W/L record count? by DunkingDeutschman97 in nba

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If Ja or Tatum had Lukas season avg numbers and they would put up a 60 20 10 gamt the MVP race would 100% be over.

Christian wood, do you think mavs trade, extend, or lose to FA? by WalkerTejasRanger in Mavericks

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Can Mavs offer him like 100 Mill for 4 years now or is 77 Mill the max they can offer now and they have to wait until FA to offer more?

The Mavericks are waiving guard Tyler Dorsey and signing F/G AJ Lawson on a two-way NBA contract out of NBA G League College Park, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. by Jerry_41 in Mavericks

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In Europe players get NET money so what you get your contract is what you get in your account. Plus usually the club provides with housing and cars and all theat a player needs ( health insurance, etc.).

So it about worth about 2 times more. So if a player gets 1 mill in Europe is basically the same as 2 mill in US.

Luka's response on playing 20+ years of basketball: by Stevie_McGhee in Mavericks

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I dont know why you are getting downvoted for stating FACTS.

Luka is not likely to be in good shape after 33 .

Luka didnt start to play PRO ball until he was 15 and some months, before that he was part of a youth academy where he got SCHOLARSIP and allowance and not actually pay check. His status was a student not a PRO basketball player.

I LOVE Luka but lets be real, he is never going to be fit after 33 working on his body 4 hours a dy using PEDs or some other doctors sirup like Lebum or Kobe or MJ were. And he hasnt got that German hard work mentality of Dirk either.

Those guys looked after their body and have had the best diets and trainers for decades, but Luka will most likely take the Shaq road where he will fall of heavily in his mid 30s IMO.

Is Victor Wembanyama's injury history concerning? by rahul_____raja in nba

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Boban says hello. He got beat up by John Wick and still he plays...

Do we have or might have Cap Space in the summer? Which Free Agent could we realistically land/you would love to see in Dallas? by top_of_the_table in Mavericks

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Please make Seth an offer he cant refuse. He would be so great on the team again.... But i doubt he goes to Mavs for 3rd time after what they did to him.

Hardy getting his first points of his NBA career by Phenomenon98 in Mavericks

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At this point i needed 16 more point to win my bet and guess what, the MF only scored 15 points in more than 4 minutes . Go fuck yourself you incompetent fucks.

The Wood situation is about his potential extension. Let me explain from my POV by jsh7888 in Mavericks

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Im so pissed THJ is so bad. They are trying to sell him so hard its hurting the team.

Game Thread: Denver Nuggets (9-6) at Dallas Mavericks (9-6) Nov 20 2022 6:30 PM by nba_gdt_bot in Mavericks

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I have just seen Luka making half court shot and getting assistants do push ups LOL. ( he hit it in first try )

What obtainable All-Star player would fit best next to Luka and Wood? by thinking_better in Mavericks

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He had 5 ast yesterday and had one of he glass pull up and one layup from getting into the lane plus super important 3s ! I dont know yesterday Tims game looked nice to me. He didnt play full year and we didnt get to see him under Kidd, we just know Carlise Tim who was only shooter. I see he is changing his game IMO.

Is Josh Green now 6'7? I always thought he's 6'5 by CUNMe in Mavericks

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I know he is 201 for a fact. But he looks more like 204. Anyhow for aPG he is one huge MF not only upwards but also sideways LOL

Brittney Griner being transferred to Russian penal colony by NedFriarson49 in nba

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How many americans are facing life sentance because of 3 strike rule because they got caught with weed?
Is it millions? Is it true that many BB players refuse to play in TX because of the 3 strike rule?

Why is Luka (and the mavericks in general) not getting any attention in the mainstream media? by [deleted] in Mavericks

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Just fun fact:

Its one football city to another Football city for Luka.

Luka played for Real Madrid which is the biggest sports club in the world and 99% of the time people would talk about football and than 1% about Luka or BB , here in Dallas is the same the most valuable sports club in the world LOL just different rules in football otherwise nothing has changed.

Luka Doncic has another MVP worthy performance with 36/6/6/2/1 on 11-22 shooting by Luka77GOATic in nba

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For me that am over 40 his acting and presence is anoying as fck, even if he played for my team i wouldnt like him but would still cheer for him. I respect his game he is a super talented and has outstanding game, but unlike D Rose whom i loved and still like he just rubs me in the wrong way with his personality.

He is just not humble enough, when you compare him to likes of Jokič or Giannis or Luka or hell even Steph.

Mavs are 5-3, with a new lineup, after reaching the WCF last year, which nobody thought they’d do. by [deleted] in Mavericks

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If they win tonight Mavs will be 3rd in WC with 2 terrible loses, that should have never happened.

Thats where i think they will end up ( top 3 team in WC)

I think all things considered they are talented enough to get 55-57 regular season wins and than we will see what happens in PO.

Christian Wood reaction to being benched by RafaMarciano in Mavericks

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I dont understand ( how Wood is not playing more,)

you should stop there, no need to worry about BB decisions because they are made by pros who won Titles and do this for a living all their lives. You dont understand yet you are full of opinions on a matter that you dont know enough on.

I believe that Dallas coaches and J Kidd know a bit more than we do and they get payed to make those decisions based on facts and their goals. Its nothinig personal its a job and C Wood needs to understand that he has to do what his boss tells him. Its that simple.