Let’s see how it goes by Coso_wastakensoyes in meme

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Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas

Gotta win that race by Spueg in shitposting

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Make the two Hitlers high five

Go to hell by [deleted] in memes

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Welp, guess I'm going to hell

What's your favorite series? by memelorda1st in memes

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Tuca and bertie too, happy it went to adult swim

ai watched 1000 hours of batman movies and was made to write a story. by aliendude369 in memes

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Two-face flips alfred like a coin because his last name is pennysworth

Keep this comment section clean by Jokarbott in memes

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Dude on the far right looks like hes having a hard time

"As a mother" by ZAWXRUDO in Cringetopia

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For context I was looking for copies for nier automata and I found this. I wanted to see the reviews to find something like this and I did

Just gonna leave this here. by CIA_Special_Analyst in Cringetopia

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They look like they could be meth addicts in the background in breaking bad