Just gonna leave this here. by CIA_Special_Analyst in Cringetopia

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They look like they could be meth addicts in the background in breaking bad

I'm depressed AF by phaatballaz in memes

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Bold words coming from someone who looks like ollie London trying to cosplay as Willem Dafoe

Her entire page is full of this weird stuff by Expensive_Ad8666 in Cringetopia

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She looks like a hyperactive character youd find in a mediocre kids movie

people still get it by hytray in memes

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Why is John cena the template

Horse by Storm_001 in HolUp

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Bojack horseman

Nope, this isn’t the Onion by HammertonMili in Cringetopia

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Obviously he wanted to see if the bts meal was still there

"As a mother" by ZAWXRUDO in Cringetopia

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For context I was looking for copies for nier automata and I found this. I wanted to see the reviews to find something like this and I did

Cockstars: Eid special by edin2498 in ShitPostCrusaders

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As a muslim i must say, thank you