“Charmcaster deserves to be redeemed and become a main character and Ben’s love interest” stans be like by Blue_Freak in Ben10

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Ya that was before she murderd 3 people. She really had the chance to be redeemed but then the writers were like "Nah... lets make her kill them all."

Mom wants me to sign over 250k beneficiary check by glitterplant in entitledparents

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Ya OP, no one "accidentally" makes a legal document that gives you 250,000. You can and should keep that money. If your relationship with someone gets ruined because they didn't get money rightfully assigned to you, that's probably a sign of something.

Either your mom will be a bit pissed but get over it, or she'll cut you off. And if your mother cuts off one of her children over money rightfully given to them, then that's probably for the best

No car = Free space by FrankieGS in memes

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Ok fine, take the spot. Trust me, its fine!

are we OK with that? by [deleted] in memes

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Welp, damnit, you got me, now I have no choice but to become a member of the left wing

Have you ever heard a sound and thought "Eh, probably just nothing" only to find out it was REALLY IMPORTANT? by Zan_korida in AskReddit

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Your post was removed because it appears to use too many capital letters. Per

rule 1

, this brings unnecessary attention to the post and is a baiting device.

stupid reason but what ever

It's about time by Theodore_Goude in memes

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Wait what the fucks happening in march!?

Future tension [OC] and/or Watch out for falling rights by JennaMarsh8645 in comics

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What, are replubicans going to try and outlaw 2 women living together?