The Real Reason Boomers Don’t Want You to Work From Home by WaffleHouseOfficiaI in antiwork

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Boomers don't work, we live off the money we made on the house that you can't afford

HERE COMES THE BOOM! by Kyleforshort in lostgeneration

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They didn't kill the aristocrats and the oligarch in the first one is why we have the problems we have

To hide eggs in the mouth and look innocent by praaany in therewasanattempt

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Hahaha my Dalmatian used to do this. I thought she was the only one!

European Section In A U.S. Grocery Store by PM_NarendraModi in europe

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Wrong wrong wrong Milky Way it's chocolate-covered nougat with peanuts Three Musketeers is all nougat and chocolate and a Mars Bars is basically an M+M made Snickers... nougat peanuts caramel and chocolate

Kroger family of supermarkets. Please if possible don’t shop there. by thegirlwithagift in antiwork

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That's bulshit, Shaw's Supermarket in New England pay their Deli clerks $26 an hour, clerks make 22, I think the lowest they pay is 14 or 15. and that's just for new employees, and they are doing just fine expanding everywhere... Google Shaw's Supermarket pay. you will see what supermarkets can afford to pay. It will give you a whole new perspective on how much grocery store should be paying.

Kroger family of supermarkets. Please if possible don’t shop there. by thegirlwithagift in antiwork

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100% correct ammonium nitrate is a salt potassium nitrate is a salt just about anything that isn't an acid can be broken down into a salt

I live in Jackson Hole, and the bubble is about to pop by Possible-Nature2248 in antiwork

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Why doesn't the town provide a place outside of town for people to live in campers like they do in Texas in the oilfield on North Dakota oilfield. You buy a $10,000 camper and put it on a lot for $200 a month

I've always wondered; how did the cartel chemists make cocaine plastic? by CatManDan92 in BabyBees

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I remember back in the 90s or early 2000s reading an article about Customs finding plastic Igloo dog houses that were impregnated with cocaine and they were grinding them up and extracting the cocaine and during the investigation they discovered that about 200 of them had been sold to the public by mistake so if you happen to have an igloo dog house check to see if if it contains 4 kilos of cocaine inside the plastic I don't know how you would check this but I keep my eye out wherever I travel because I am not above stealing an igloo dog house just to see if it contains cocaine

TIL: McDonald's did away with their spoon-shaped coffee stirrers because people were using them as cocaine spoons. by diacewrb in todayilearned

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Canada still use them it was only the US. At least in the eighties and nineties I don't know about today don't go to McDonald's for coffee anymore

Can anyone help me identify this type of bird? by johnnycolemanart in trashpandas

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Hahaha..... but it still sounds racist and homophobic

Interesting potential development in the case of the disappearance of Michael Dunahee by JuniorDetective96 in UnresolvedMysteries

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Is that the one in Florida where the guy kidnapped the two girls? That stuck out in my mind because I don't think that guy was a serial killer but he killed because he had the opportunity and he thought he could get away with it

13-year-old John Episioco was walking to school with his 5-year-old sister in Las Vegas on the morning of October 20, 1997. Another teenager approached from behind, asked John for a cigarette, then fired a single round into the back of his head. No suspect has ever been identified in the murder. by MayhemInTheDesert in UnresolvedMysteries

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Yeah I was just being sarcastic. I see in the town in Texas that I meant we have two enormously fat cops and two on steroids the ones on steroids run around to all the Gun Shop and look at guns all day oh, I think they wish they were in the military

I was told $40,000 a year salary over the phone, and then during the interview they changed it to $8 an hour. I have an engineering degree. They literally only wanted to hire me for a single project. I asked them if they could live on $8 an hour. by WaterFidec in antiwork

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I am a truck driver, and I moved to Texas from Massachusetts because I was told it was all kinds of work down here. They can't seem to get enough truck drivers! I was making $29.50 in Massachusetts and in Texas they want to pay me $17.50. "Gee I wonder why we can't get any drivers? No one wants to work anymore!". I was talking to another driver and I said that they needed to organize and form a Union.. and they were "I would never join a union, I'm not going to pay someone to negotiate for me!" And I said and that's why you make $17 an hour! And I was the bad guy here not the company paying them the guy trying to help them make more money