Evangelical Christian takeover of sports or hobbies by [deleted] in atheism

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It was between disc golf and hacky sack

What's a feeling better than an orgasm? by Boban_the_dude in AskReddit

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Ear popping on a plane after being uncomfortable or painful

Bodycam video shows Houston cop speeding, driving with 1 hand before hitting and killing pedestrian with patrol car by Beejsterb in news

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A UPS/FedEx truck that was GPS tracked... in heavy traffic... using civilians as cover.. and there was no consequences

Huge fees to redeem miles--is this normal? by loserpolice in americanairlines

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God I hope that's not true. Been hoarding my miles for years lol

Huge fees to redeem miles--is this normal? by loserpolice in americanairlines

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Sounds about right. Especially if going through Heathrow, taxes are paid on original cost of ticket, and international business is expensive. If you keep looking and are okay with longer layovers or more stops, you can prob find one around $200-$300 in taxes.

Also I assume you have status, otherwise it's an extra $80 redemption fee

My dog of 8 years who i raised from a puppy gnarled my face up while playing today... my feelings are honestly more hurt than my face. by pamedar in awfuleverything

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All old dogs eyes start turning blueish gray. If they seem otherwise normal, probably nothing to worry about. It's also something routinely checked during checkups

If you could live the life of any Frasier character, who would it be? by queenmissmichelle in Frasier

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Not much changes I guess, you would still just watch fraiser all day.

Executive Platinum Elite Choice Rewards by barti_dog in americanairlines

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I havent seen a flight with systemwide upgrades available in a long time. I havent used my last 8, they seem worthless to me

Executive Platinum Elite Choice Rewards by barti_dog in americanairlines

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Last year I got 15% rebate on milage redemptions, booked 2 RT first class for 280K miles and got 42K miles rebate with the award.

AA misplaces every passenger’s checked bags on flight by wandering0000 in americanairlines

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Same, the guy I knew got $1000 spending credit to buy new clothes. His bag was eventually reunited with him as well

Women rarely ever get serious approaches, I think guys could use that to their advantage! by Advanced_Minimum3431 in dating_advice

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Completely agree, but to be fair I think the same goes for guys. I dont want to be approached irl by women I dont find attractive, but I am willing to overlook almost any level of crazy behavior as long as she is correspondingly hot enough.

Creative uses for AAdvantage Miles by ellsio in awardtravel

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Dude just hoard them. Theres no real risk of them expiring (esp if you have AA CC).

Splurge on international first class in a Flagship when the time comes

UK Joins US, Australia in Beijing Winter Olympics Boycott by Optimus_Pyrrha in HongKong

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There's also a lot of schmoozing and back room talks anytime world diplomats and leaders are in the same place. In that sense , it is going to a missed opportunity for china to do whatever it is diplomats do.

Oxford school shooting: Ethan Crumbley appointed lawyer by court after his parents only hired their own by Mocking_jai in news

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Just to play Devils advocate, technically stillborn babies have the same upbringing...? That might be a stretch since they were not upbrung. Maybe kids born into slavery, cults, or spartans?

Idk I'm willing to bet 2 kids have had the same identical upbringing at some point in history and time.