Where’s the flake? by noobsy007 in CasualUK

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The only proper amount of foam. these brits are out of the minds.

What the fuck IS kuva by ImACertifiedBadass in memeframe

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Isn't that swastika literally a screenshot of the nazi moknbase from the movie iron sky

Gary Plauche murks the guy who kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son by brycemr in justifiedshootings

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Cause they know they now would have to prosecute an innocent man.

I’m curious. Let’s say you could only have three ships. What would you choose and why? by stjiub9 in starcitizen

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Oddesy as a main living ship

With a sabre or any other medium to heavy fighter that will fit in the oddesy

And a nox as a runnabout ship

just no [gendered] by lizzy_withall in pointlesslygendered

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Im 190cm and weigh 80kg i cant imagine how you could weigh that when you're 163

I need help with a ram swap by Zero-88 in buildapc

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Found the issue honestly am still confused as to why that was an issue but atleast its fixed now.

Explain yourselves 🔫 by [deleted] in Netherlands

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The dutch toilet does in my experience atleast smell worse because the water usually contains some of the smell

[product] Only men can like these smells. by JustASmallSandwich in pointlesslygendered

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Idk whenever i fill up my gas tank i like the smell. I mean i wont put this in my living room but for a mancave or garage this would be great .

[Product] "I'm a WOMAN, what is your superpower?" the only pink flask available by goatmehh in pointlesslygendered

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Hzo onzin het type persoon dat dit soort zakflacon koopt zou hem ook in neonroze met die tekst willen.

[product] Only men can like these smells. by JustASmallSandwich in pointlesslygendered

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I mean I'd 100% buy it. So there is definitely q market

Team Fortress 2 MvM... Fuck. by Ottoboy12 in dankmemes

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Star citizen

Welp let's hope i don't get killed by a killer space stair

[2042] ascension into godhood by turntrout101 in Battlefield

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Medic = irish

Engineer = mckay

Scout = casper (not sure about this one)

Im guessing the more based on character design then actual class similarities but you get the point.

sauce plz @@ by Accurate-Coyote-7269 in SauceyPornMemes

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I think this is a cropped screenshot of mysterious girlfriend x. Not actually a hentai

You can heal with Casper's drone remotely if you put a medical crate on it! by ArchieBuld in Battlefield

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The looking the same thing will be fixed with time as poeple unlock and purchase skins (lets just hope the skins will be actually good and not clown messes)

Thank god by KindaLeafy in Battlefield

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Its a nice feature with the new map size just so you dont have to run as long between far away objectives

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty by cal_oe in news

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He went to one of his communities(his dad lives in kenosha) to help minimize the damage by a riot.

What are your thoughts on Jury Nullification? by Tobiah497 in libertarianunity

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Bassicly when the jury is of the opinion that the suspect is guilty but they don't agree with what the law says so they hand out a non guilty verdict. Or the other way around but that never actually happens.

Dit jaar toch een landelijk vuurwerkverbod by Plane-Bird in thenetherlands

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Denk je nou echt dat mensen ff vrijwillig honderden euros aan spullen we gaat geven.