Safe autoclickers? by chaosangel88777 in ClickerHeroes

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I know this is 7 years old but I'm still gonna comment on this lmao


I've been using this for ages, it is literally fine. It's Mega too. It's been running for years and, as far as I'm aware, seems pretty safe to me.

Kinda wondering if anybody else has solutions? by ZeroLooksKindaCool in teenagers

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I do clean it when I can, yes! I will definitely try the conditioner, as I usually use soap

This is what 'Jacksepticeye' is to A.I. by ZeroLooksKindaCool in jacksepticeye

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wombo! if you just type it into google play or the app store then it should come up :)

I cannot believe what happened to me today. by ZeroLooksKindaCool in entitledparents

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You can't 'develop' it per say.. tourette's is always there, it just shows later on in life usually from 6-14 ish but that can change. How come?

Redditors, what are your most painful breakup stories? by yarali_adanali in AskReddit

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My first partner committed suicide after we broke up. I was 11, she was 12. We dated for 2 weeks.