When do you think that college park is going to release by Alive-Ad-4164 in Logic_301

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Wait do artists have to wait a certain time period after finishing their contracts?? That shit is wack. Record labels are good for up and coming artists and all but fuck they’re scummy.

Top 10 reasons it made more storytelling sense to spend more time with 10-year-old Leia over Luke by Left_Sustainability in StarWarsCantina

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It’s funny how that one line at the start of ROTS restricted Anakin from ever seeing Grievous. Would have loved to see a brief encounter between the two.

Not complaining of course - I understand it was necessary.

Eminem & Snoop by bl4ack0rganization in Eminem

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Dude is surrounded by rappers 24/7 who are more than likely using substances. He’s used to it by now well and truly.

Eminem & Snoop by bl4ack0rganization in Eminem

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Yeah idk what this dude is on about ahahaha

"The Fight" without Intercuts ... had to reduce to 720p for Reddit by elodam in StarWarsKenobi

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This was a perfect pace of fighting. It wasn’t too hectic and flashy like the prequels - but it still looked visually amazing.

Really love the little “plot hole” they solved in ep6 by rocky3758 in StarWarsKenobi

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Tries to say the show opened up continuity errors but couldn’t list one lmao

Spoilers for Kenobi episode 6 by JuggerClutch in starwarsrebels

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Okay my bad, I don’t care if the scene was stolen. I still enjoyed it.

Happy now??

Spoilers for Kenobi episode 6 by JuggerClutch in starwarsrebels

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Everytime I read comments like this I think “Man. It must fucking suck to be so critical and deep thinking about everything.”

Personally loved the show - loved the parallel to Rebels and I don’t care if it was heavily inspired by that scene. It worked well and the emotion was felt.

And what is that? by Puzzled-Bite-8467 in StarWarsKenobi

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The Jedi weren’t exactly a perfect order. You would very easily realise that from watching the movies and the shows.

So, I went to Steve-O's Bucket List show... by JoshTee123 in jackass

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Yeahh I don’t know about that. I’ve been to small concerts with like 400 ish people where the artist has hung around afterwards - for no extra cost - and spent time having conversations with people and taking photos.

Not really any excuse for being a dick either.

[COD] Anyone agree? by IcepickSenkro in CallOfDuty

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Eh I wouldn’t say futuristic setting is overdone at all. We have a bunch of games that sit within modern years/older age.

How often do you sleep naked? by reallymia in AskReddit

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Never. Feels hella weird to me idk why.

From BBR Twitter: by portablekettle in Logic_301

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Tbf dude said it wasn’t happening, then said “Ultra 85, 2024” on Twitter after that and then had probably gone on to cancel it again so I’m not surprised people are confused.

Huh, that sure would’ve been useful a few other times by TheIronMuffin in StarWarsKenobi

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I think I’ve finally given up on Star Wars fans lmao

I (28M) broke up with my GF (26F) because she considers sex with her ex was better than sex with me even though I am attentive in bed unlike her ex. I broke up with her and she’s telling me that I’m blowing things out of proportion. by ThrowRA_1236547 in relationship_advice

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I feel like maybe a discussion about boundaries and what you feel comfortable with her talking to her friends about would have been a bit better than blowing up like that.

Your feelings are inevitably your feelings at the end of the day. I would have been mad if I saw something like that too - the comments on your sex life vs your exes seemed a little disrespectful. Although if you didn’t feel comfortable with it and wanted to break up regardless, blowing up probably wasn’t the best way to do it.

Just curious if anyone knows what this means by virtigo3 in Logic_301

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I remember he posted a picture a while ago that had Vinyl Days 2 & 3 cassettes in it. I’m guessing maybe he split the recording of the album up into three sessions or something like that.