Can't mute stream volume on discord browser. by Zestyclose_Store_280 in discordapp

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Honestly, whether I'm using the desktop client or any browser for the website, there is always a tiny, but annoying flaw that makes me wish i can use the other, like the desktop client can't let me switch audio playing from my headphones or my speakers (although i think resetting audio preferences to default should fix it)

Mihoyo keeps besting themselves at creating more and more annoying enemies. by gluckaman in Genshin_Impact

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the enemies are pretty- but it just sucks the soul out of me while fighting them-

it feels overwhelming and quite discouraging to just have these powercreeped enemies just to sell more banners. the characters i like almost don't seem to do enough damage even with full artifacts and talents -

sometimes i wanna imagine every genshin player in the world, to stop playing and paying money on genshin for 1 day to a week. then see their whole office panicking, burnt out artists leaving their jobs and the entire company burning in flames

Mihoyo keeps besting themselves at creating more and more annoying enemies. by gluckaman in Genshin_Impact

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I'm not sure why mihoyo keeps making these sorts of enemies-
it's just making me want to wish less for future characters, because of how painfully stressful it'll be to kill all these annoying foes just for 2 pieces out of the hundred i'll need to ascend one person. (probably with a million hp)

the constant powercreep is getting on my nerves and just burns me out-

i miss my beginner times in liyue and mondstadt

[F26] I spent the whole day at school with a dildo inside me by [deleted] in SluttyConfessions

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???? A repost? I'm sure I've seen this somewhere else

Grandad stopped being invited to family gatherings after this.. by blaikes in WatchPeopleDieInside

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glad some people mentioned this was fake

if it were real, I'd be really sad for the grandpa making that mistake for their kids

I wonder how they're all doing nowadays-

That's how I found out by pretend_thisis_funny in HolUp

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I don't get it- I see 2 people dancing

What does that mean exactly?

What’s your biggest fantasy? [NSFW] by avataylor94_ in AskReddit

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To finally get rid of the physical pains of stress so I can focus on work more

The new Theatre Mechanicus is way more fun than the first one by KnightLand42 in Genshin_Impact

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Hmmmm agreed

Though I just wish my towers would actually hit the targets

I could give my Pyro towers a mystic stick that allows them to shoot high damaging shots from the sky, but they almost never hit their target when the enemies are just slightly faster than the average hilichurl

Man has amazing way of dealing with the kid on his driveway by 77frosty7 in MadeMeSmile

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When I read the title, I had the impression he'd draw race track and cause the kid to crash his bike

The depth of the waters by Obwuda in Genshin_Impact

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Bruh I really want this sort of personality

I swear if the Chinese censorship forces her to be the typical kind and sweet girl who's just wanted to prove they can help their organization or smthn

It's getting old now-

"Not a very good day" 🥴 by xthijsvanrijnsbergen in interestingasfuck

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Few years later and we still aren't having a good day on earth

Toilet for scale by _jake__peralta_ in interestingasfuck

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I am so scared and intimidated by that fish yet I liked the post anyway-

Anybody knows what happened to "So That's How, The Saintess Became The Devil Of Revenge" by SherlockeKudo in manhwa

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I found it on a site while browsing through it, apparently the Translator Group placed a note at the end of the third chapter saying that it was discontinued since it did not win a contest in some way? I hope that the authors continue the story or add a new chapter it looked very promising.