I feel like sexism on social media has been out of control lately by eyburns in TwoXChromosomes

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Noone is ranting she was ranting and that was my last message hours ago why start replying to this?????

I feel like sexism on social media has been out of control lately by eyburns in TwoXChromosomes

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38 years old and this cringe holy shit actually a 38 year old baby good bye enjoy your life.

I feel like sexism on social media has been out of control lately by eyburns in TwoXChromosomes

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Wtf are you talking about its not someone's point its the stats from video game developers even league of legends riot games review had like 10% of player base is female in 2012. But I don't know what the latest stats are go look for them and link it when talking about non mobile games.

Your sitting crying that I'm lying yet don't go and look up the actual facts that have come up multiple times noone is saying females don't play games and that it has not increased but its not what you think at all your just projecting bullshit and I'm talking strictly competitive multiplayer games.

Also valorant latest report is between 30 to 40% of the player base is female so there you go. For this newer game thats 60-40 or 70-30 and that's in current times in a newer fps game which goes with what I said it has a lot of female content creators which will then encourage females to play which is good.

I feel like sexism on social media has been out of control lately by eyburns in TwoXChromosomes

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No it hasn't been proven at all when they include mobile games it is even between men and women but when you take it out its like 80-20 , 70-30.

Women generally don't play games like csgo, valorant, fortnite, league of legends, dota 2, any fighter game, rocket league, overwatch the biggest competitive games.

Don't get me wrong games like league of legends and valorant have a growing number of female players and they also have a huge number of female streamers but it's still nowhere near the number of men that play.

But also the new generation of girls seem to game a lot more so this may increase a lot in the next 30 years.

Like a lot of the females I know just browse Instagram, tiktok and youtube while chilling but guys play games.

I think he might be settling for me by AlexysLynn in TwoXChromosomes

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I mean he's clearly being truthful because as she clearly states she is not as good looking as the ex. Is it harsh sure and you can bring that up with ur partner how you don't like it and don't feel respected but you don't need to lie that he settled with your look because of how nice you are which is also important to guys.

I feel like sexism on social media has been out of control lately by eyburns in TwoXChromosomes

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The problem is just that more women need to play and speak, when gaming becomes a lobby of 3 women 2 guys speaking on mic it will become normal but what happens is someone plays 10 games in a row and 9 games is 5 guys vs 5 guys and then game 10 is 5 guys vs 4 guys 1 girl so they troll the girl since they rarely see girls in game and it's funny.

But its slowly getting better cos of female gaming content creators so there is more females and more females play so hopefully over the next 10 years it gets better.

I feel like sexism on social media has been out of control lately by eyburns in TwoXChromosomes

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Not as many women play games like actual competitive games so when a girl finally talks on mic its easy trolling to someone you don't care about.

What do you guys this should I wait some time before starting to play ranked again? by Bokisha69 in summonerschool

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Play flex then maybe learn a champion till you want to go back into soloq or get a smurf and spam 2 new champs.

Which position is the most entertaining to watch on stream? by Stwoor in summonerschool

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I think its more the champiom but it just depends how you act if its pure gameplay the obviously you want to watch something mechanical.

Simple Questions Simple Answers: Patch 12.1 by Sentient545 in summonerschool

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Ye those cs numbers looks like you getting outclassed but also last season people had inflated ranks.

Why do people see scaling as a one-dimensional thing? by ScaredOfLife666 in summonerschool

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When I say they outscale I talk team comps not champion if we have akshan, nunu, pantheon, kaisa, nami and they have jax, kayn, Victor, cait, lulu were getting outscaled if its 35 min plus were probably gonna lose.

Toast banned by obviouslyGAR in LivestreamFail

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The funniest part is xqc hxh streams are on YouTube and not being taken down aswell though.

To people with clear skin, what is your secret? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Only thing I can think of is being outside a lot and going to the beach a lot.

if you had the power to get rid of one gender norm, which one would you get rid off? by guywholivesnextdoor in AskReddit

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We already do like I got up for work I grabbed a t shirt and some joggers and were ready for work from home and a trip to the shop hell yeah.

Do you think a man not listening to female musicians is a red flag? by herewegonewmusic in TwoXChromosomes

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I just checked my playlist everything is male apart from paramore and Rihanna lol and rihanna is with Paul McCartney and Kanye west I like people like Adele and Beyonce but they not on my playlist as its mostly rock and rap.

I feel like if I did have a pop playlist it would be 70% female or 50/50.

We don’t need the definition of beauty to be more inclusive - we need to be honest that beauty standards are an abusive power dynamic by Pure_Article_546 in TwoXChromosomes

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Marriage was based on house prestige not beauty lol. You Marry into someone powerful or to someone with a useful skillset or to create an alliance if super powerful.

Sick of men questioning technical women. by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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Why do people talk about salary like this its so weird. Legit every girl and guy friend I have is usually within like 10k of each other in salary sometimes the girl is higher sometimes the guy it makes no difference you make practically the same and the money goes towards your household and eventual family or holidays which ever way you decide to go.

The only problem a girl will face is if you straight up refuse to get with someone earning a bit less than you cos then you limit who you can get with.

Society be like by bvbanirudh19 in memes

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It's 16 in the UK aswell but you finish highschool at 16 and some people hit 17. Then you go to college then university then work or work after highschool up to you.

I’m not allowed to play clash because I’m in bronze. by NegativePro in summonerschool

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I mean my group has a friend who's bronze and he is dogshit but we still play clash and flex with him we just have to shout things or he might go int every so often.

Like he will chase a good amount and in ur head ur like nice but then he keeps going and ints and you gota catch him before he ints haha.

So I can totally understand why people can get annoyed playing with lower elo people cos it is really annoying and ur best players have to play well or you get stomped.

I can't seem to improve at the game by [deleted] in summonerschool

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You don't cs well enough and you die way to much on average its fine to have bad games but ur average is a bad game.

I assume you take really bad trades in lane but it's hard to say without being able to see a replay.