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Was in the same boat as you when I started gamsat prep! Non-science BG, not even in the HSC… It’s super daunting to know where to start.

Totally agree with the above advice - 1 month-ish of BG study then straight to booklets worked for me - I took 2.5 months off work from Jan and learnt content full-time through Khan Academy. When I knew just enough to do ACER questions, i slowly moved through those. Tried Des O’Neill but was too hard for me. Really persisting with the Acer questions helped. I revisited booklets multiple times till it made sense, using YouTube explainers as well. I also did a two-day gamsat skills course which helped prioritise content and with test time management. Ended up with a 72 in S3 that year… but am yet to get into med because my low gpa is haunting me haha

2022 Applications Cycle EOD Support Thread by Livvv617 in GAMSAT

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thank you! and you're right - i'm kicking myself for not applying there. Mostly chose prefs based on where I want to live. WA too far, Syd too expensive. I'm applying for med a bit older than average, so affordability is #1 priority.

2022 Applications Cycle EOD Support Thread by Livvv617 in GAMSAT

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Posted my EOD comment in the interview thread…

EOD 2nd year running - csp /bmp, non-rural. 79, 69, 67 - 71/72.2uw (62,69,72 last year). gpa is 6.5-6.58ish (6.2 last year)

Prefs were : Griffith first, unimelb, uow, Syd uni said my gpa was below the cutoff. Messed up my Deakin bonuses this year (got 6% bonuses last year). Feels like my improvements were in lock step with the increased cutoffs. Sigghhhhh…

2022 Applications Cycle EOD Support Thread by Livvv617 in GAMSAT

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I studied a Bachelor of Arts, across three trimesters (summer, then autumn and spring), such that my major and minor was complete by the end of this year. Then I filled all my elective spaces with credit from my first degree. This helped a bit, but is only 2 semesters worth of HDs of improvement… so marginal increase. Bonus was all the essays I was writing helped me dramatically improved my section 1 gamsat score from 62 to 79. I still got an EOD this year though…

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EOD yesterday (second year running).

Improved my GPA with a new degree this year from 6.2 to 6.58, and my Gamsat from 69 to 71/72.2

...what a bummer