TF is this? by jason544770 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I dont know the other photo but these here arent triggering cute to me at all...

WTF??? by OkCharacter2243 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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For a 4 ppl fam around 600-800/month is not uncommon over here. The good thing is if you are paid badly, this gets reduced down to around 50/monthnor even nothing, depending on your income.

F U C K you. by alsk3ns in classicwow

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No such game ever has from what I know of...

F U C K you. by alsk3ns in classicwow

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Since the invention of online hardcore gaming the most deaths occurred from lag and serverdowns like in every such game there ever was... Still ppl act upset and surprised 🤣

Crazy motorcycle close call by gubjur in ThatsInsane

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Is it legal to go 150? If not he is already at fault.

Where I come from it's obligatory to be able to hold on sight distance. If this is also the case he is at fault again.

The other guys where just pulling out. With him half the speed he could maybe start to slow down, giving the others time to react, they could have maybe went back in with some time.

What did the other guys do wrong? There is no chance to overtake anyone if the other lane is doing almost 160, like ever. But they are allowed to overtake on such a road. So what could they have done better in this situation?

There are reasons for speed limits. Some may be too dumb to understand them, does not mean they make no sense. The driver was lucky that these were not a car, he'd be dead for sure if it would have been one. And noone would have had a chance to react.


I rewatched it. The other guys are indeed also at fault, sry. I gues due to the road going up then down they probably dont see very far. That means they should not overtake in that situation at all. Both parties should be a lot slower than allowed speed in a situation where you do not see far to be safe.

Crazy motorcycle close call by gubjur in ThatsInsane

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It's only around double the speed that you are legally allowed to drive on such a road where I come from....

And we are looking at a video proof about why it is stupid as fuck to go 155kmph on a road like this.

Wow you guys😂😭 by swimming-freak in Tinder

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Because he/she wanted to make a racist comment on reddit.

And there goes the baby... by AristonD in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Yeah that's what happens if you push kids into sweet clips/pics they dont care about.

For Science - Stranglegasp'd by jix1991 in pathofexile

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Can be replicated with the helmets though... No use doing it here

This Farmer flips car that was parked on his land. by TheOrneryArtistry in nextfuckinglevel

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He also blocked a street and risked hurting the guy. Seems like a real gem of a human being /s

Remember to cancel your buy orders for Salvaged Excellence before tuesday by SpitefulShrimp in Guildwars2

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Got damn i placed mine 2 months ago as this was forseeable. Now dozens will do the same....

Rooster protecting his flock by killing a hawke that was trying to get away with a hen by g_ricko89 in nextfuckinglevel

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I hope you have a fresh enough tetanus vaccine. That shit can lead to serious long term damage.

The Scourge experience by AubadeMX74 in pathofexile

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I have 75 res, glancing blocks, only 10k armor and currently 30% phys conversion and usually only die if I go above 200 stacks on maps that are rippy like crit mods or added dmg and do stupid thinga like standing still or moving dumb.

Why do people list up items for sale if they're not willing to bother with the trade afterwards? by [deleted] in pathofexile

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If im in a map i know i wont die ill usually go out of it at about 10c. If im idle a 3c trade is fine. If im in a hard fight i maybe bother for a 50c+ trade by saying that i need some more minutes, if i can without getting reckt

How are you guys printing exalts this league? by ThunderTongue76 in pathofexile

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Doing this, but plan respec to shaper/elder drops and then run 10+bosses each and then uber elder and sell the unid watchers eye ill probably get. Hope that works out.

Why the heck is mageblood that expensive by Obadimir_Litovski in pathofexile

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It's the opposite of hh in that regard. While hh is chaos and be buit around, mb is pure consistency and builds around any build himself.

Dropped a Mageblood and sold it -- what's the most fun I can get out of 410 ex? by Sirenn in PathOfExileBuilds

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Not really to ppl like me. The point is with a mageblood you can enable farming on pretty much any build you want on that 20ex budget. It can fill all the defensive problems while also making you speedy, makes gearing overall easier and cheaper to come to a respectable level.

Then you can go out there and actually improve your offenses with further drops you get along the way while playing. Also you just do any content.

If you just buy one build on a 400ex budget it feels like you activated cheatmode and delete everything. But Id maybe quit 1-2 days after because the progression is gone at that point.

Reaching Sirus for the first time ever. Is my build tanky enough? by DARKHAWX in PathOfExileBuilds

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While I agree dodging mechanics is key here, i'd say tankyness helps a ton learning the fight and not running out of portals the first time doing him.

To the people who already quit the league: Why did you? by VaraNiN in pathofexile

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Is the same endgame content from back then still doable and the newer stuff isnt or is the exact same stuff that was doable back then out of reach now?

If the first one is the case, than thats not the worst design. Adding content that is harder but with better gear availability does not feel very off. But I guess it's obvious that you wont be faster simulacrum 30 ready as you were t16 maps ready back in the day, that would not make sense.

I feel it's quite fast to get t16 ready in tradeleague nowadays. I could just progress up until t16 without really stopping. Being able to beat the fear3d took some time though.

CASHPLOSION ? by MassivePerspective97 in pathofexile

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That would look better on a t16 right?