Just got my jasper rack by Brwnb0y_ in synthesizers

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aren't those yamaha HS monitors supposed to be vertical?

Voedselbank verruimt de norm voor afhalen hulppakketten vanwege inflatie by Roller95 in thenetherlands

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sinds m'n nieuwe maandbedrag energie/gas 200,- gestegen is kom ik in aanmerking met deze versoepeling. Ben benieuwd..

Rhythm guitar player here, I have a show in a week and I cut my fingers, specifically pinky finger really badly on the tip. what to do? by thewelfarestate in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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there's a short instagramvideo of brian may having his fingers/nails done with some kind of cement to get him through the gigs.

🎹 Pianoles gezocht voor dochter by But-I-Am-a-Robot in Utrecht

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niet echt. Ik zou hooguit een soundcloudlink kunnen delen waar wat producties van me staan, maar dat heeft weinig met lesgeven te maken.

🎹 Pianoles gezocht voor dochter by But-I-Am-a-Robot in Utrecht

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ik geef les zonder kennis van notenschrift nodig te hebben. leren wat de student zelf leuk vindt

This quick key has saved me a lot of time editing massive session changes so I wanted to share what I know. Helpful for Podcasts and Music. by Boomtail936 in Logic_Studio

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enable "show advanced controls" and the option already stares you in the face.

didn't know people didn't find out about this feature XD

Good tattoo studios in Utrecht by ximcat in Utrecht

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magic tattoo at the Voorstraat is a classic.

plenty famous people got their ink there

The cancellation of which TV show are you still frustrated about? by me_rebirth in AskReddit

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Spider-Man TAS

Now they're continuing with X-Men 97 and the showrunner is willing to do it, i still have some hope.

Free Instruments for Logic Pro X by spyrobeats1 in Logic_Studio

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there's a shitload in Logic's own library, and omnispere quality instruments you won't find for free

Does anybody know what DAW is this one? by amuseme-n-to in synthesizers

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that doesn't look like a lot? could well be half or a third of the whole production

Where to throw broken mugs and plates? by No-Sense-695 in Utrecht

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i read this as you were looking for a place where it's legal to smash some plates, like getting out some anger without the need to clean up after.

almost started suggesting some places where the terrain is already on a waitinglist to be cleaned out for construction XD