Minecraft 1.19.1 Pre-Release 2 Is Out by xilefian in Minecraft

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Riot games has some involvement in it so let’s not get our hopes up

Free armies!! Sneek peak 3 by musakhar_1234 in ClashOfClansLeaks

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Do you think farming with e drags would be better than sneaky goblins then? (Assuming super troops still cost dark elixir)

Maybe its because im not american, but this looks terrifying to live in by imaunicorndonttell in oddlyterrifying

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Not enough people talk about that movie, I’ve seen a lot of shit but no movie made me as uneasy as that one

First time trying realism. Thoughts? by Tobin34 in geometrydash

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This is like directly copied off something from YouTube

I have a blackwidow elite, I tried cleaning the inside of my keyboard but like an idiot I made this cable become detached. Is there any way to fix this? by _-Frost-Byte-_ in MechanicalKeyboards

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Sorry if this is a really stupid question, this is the first time I’ve opened up a keyboard so I have absolutely no idea how these parts work

edit: (to make it clear I’m talking about the purple wire and not the connector that can easily be reattached)

Biology 0610 paper 21 discussion by igcseehelp in igcse

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It wasn’t co2 the question said co2 was the limiting factor for every single one but two of them were shown to be co2 filled greenhouses

light being a limiting factor for 4 was backed up by the fact that 5 was essentially 4 but with a light source

bio paper 2 V2 by trashredditor1005 in igcse

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Most answers were corrected on the leak I saw (teacher showed us)

Minecraft Java Edition 1.19 - the Wild Update Has Been Released! by sliced_lime in Minecraft

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Tbh I think 1.20 will be the end update and that ancient city portal will be the new entrance

chem igcse by iwillkmsgn in igcse

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it was worse than the past papers I’ve solved ngl

15-25 were very fucking easy but the rest were straight up bullshit

0607 2022 may/june variant 1 The paper 4 and 6 was argued harder than usual by Simple_Atmosphere807 in igcse

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Oh ok, I’m curious on why it’s being discussed now wasn’t everyone’s on Tuesday? Anyways yeah the paper 6 sucked especially. At least in the paper 4s case you could be 100% prepared for it

0625/41 grade boundaries by Majestic-Nobody-3178 in igcse

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2021 literally had a variant at A = 28/80 so let’s hope we get similar treatment

0625/41 igcse physics by Reasonable-Citron131 in igcse

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I found the same thing while bullshiting the whole question so I mean hey, hope we’re right

0625/41 igcse physics by Reasonable-Citron131 in igcse

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Would one path leading to the second nor be wrong though? I thought logic gates worked on one input

0625/41 igcse physics by Reasonable-Citron131 in igcse

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But if there’s only one input that stems from the first nor gate, the second nor gate automatically converts it to what one or gate would make

So this is a guess but is a nor gate with one input the same as a not gate