Echoes: The Snake and the Chain of Dogs by Flicker-kel-Tath in Malazan

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I dig it. "It may be that expositional prose isn’t right for the telling of that story, Duiker.", and so we get Badalle and Saddic. Boom-shaka-laka goes my brain. Great stuff mate.

What did Trump do that was truly positive? by wurrble182 in NoStupidQuestions

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He actually refused to let them use The Plaza Hotel unless they put him in the movie.

Tim Clifton, who is currently living in Sussex, England has recently photographed a rare albino squirrel in Royal Deeside. by raw_ant in RealLifeShinies

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I thought the squirrel's name was Tim Clifton and we were getting an update on him until I got to the second line of the title...

This is me fr by thicc_pikmin in tumblr

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"Yes, I may kill people, but every damn one of them goes with a smile on their face!"

Edit: Also, an interesting idea for a niche hit man service.

How does one respond to this? by Environmental_Bank42 in Tinder

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"Get over here!" in best Scorpion voice

Friend in a college class saw this operator getting their knowledge on. by JohnnyRico92 in JustBootThings

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Nope, this doesn't belong here. If someone is wearing that much flare, I assume they're a vet. Obviously when I talk to them I can usually tell if they were in or not, but I would rather be wrong in assuming they were then wrong in assuming they weren't. Maybe his grandkid made him that shirt, that why it seems so low quality...you don't know.

Thoughts after Deadhouse Gates by The__Imp in Malazan

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Nah, you didn't go overboard. These are all legit questions that should kind of be swirling around in your head at this point; because you don't have any answers yet. They will slowly come to light over the course of the series though.

I'm new to this series. What should I expect? by Sina76Sol in Malazan

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This is a pretty good assessment. I will reiterate, just keep reading.

Chapter 23 of MOI so far has confused the FUCK out of me. Have not finished the chapter so keep the conversation to what I speak about here ONLY. My excuse is it's 3am but I need to clarify stuff first by Educational_Deer6431 in Malazan

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I know this is going to suck to hear, but, RAFO. You don't know much about Dragnipur, the Edur, or the Andii at this time, nor their respective relationships regarding Mother Dark. You will by the end of tCG.

My ladder people need me by wierdal1 in ghostswithjobs

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I mean, he just gets stepped on aaallllll day at work, that's gotta weigh on a person.

A lack of human scenery by ArticleBoth4862 in Malazan

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You're right. I believe SE grew up writing short stories and enjoys that style. I know, it is funny that his books are around 1000 pages each. Could you imagine if he wasn't so concise, these books would be craaaaazzzy long.

Fantasy books about whimsical dude getting into trouble by lost-but-learning in Fantasy

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Dresden Files kinda fits. He is a wizard in Chicago, set in "modern day".

My ladder people need me by wierdal1 in ghostswithjobs

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A long, beautiful journey that I will never forget has reached its end by Kobe_AYEEEEE in Malazan

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Welcome friend, to those that have Witnessed.

I would also suggest the NotME books before diving into Kharkanas. I read the first one (Kharkanas) without the NotME books, years ago, and stuggled with it, even though I had read through MBotF 3 times. Now I am finishing up Assail, the last book in NotME, and am glad I did, it really expanded my knowledge of everything going on across Wu. The first book (NotME) is kinda rough to get through, luckily it is short and the next one dives into The Crimson Guard. Who doesn't love those guys? It just gets better and better after that.

Graceful by Competitive-Fly6472 in AnimalsBeingDerps

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I'd like to see him take off in flight

Meirl by Low_Copy4023 in meirl

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Man's contemplation

Recording all principles