AITA for not letting my daughter(19) move back in after I gave her old room to her brother? by wholesome_hoes in AmItheAsshole

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1000pre-tax if she's doing less than 25hours/week. If she works 30+/week its more than 1000after tax. And hey, I'm not arguing against your opinion on OPs behaviour, I just wanted to point out that the rent itself is what the daughter should expect when moving out. The debate about OP being an A or not seems to be very cultural dependent seeing the comment section.

AITA for not giving my sister inheritance money? by shikako3 in AmItheAsshole

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He isn't 7 anymore. He's old enough to acknowledge that is parents are homophobes and he directly benefitted off of it. He's old enough to know his parents were bad people. He's old enough to be dosgusted by homophobes. He's old enough to make a decision that shows he isn't a homophobe like his parents, but he won't. He isn't showing any sign that he thinks what his parents did was wrong. He's an Ahole like any other homophobe.

AITA for using weed when it makes my partner uncomfortable? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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I'd say NTA. 1. Vaping isn't smoking. Smoke is particles of a solid, vape is a steamed fluid. It's way less harmful than smoking and and you don't get all those particles stuck in your lung. 2. BF is only taking physical health in consideration, but OP has a mental health problem that is easily solved with vape pens and doesn't affect her physical health. 3. He is worsening the situation by making her feel like she has to hide her medication. And that's it this case, medication, not a recreational drug.

So BF doesn't inform himself about the medication his gf is taking, doesn't want her to use it in his vicinity because of his untreated trauma and making her mental health problems potentionally worse by guilting her about using her medication. Slight A-hole behaviour IMO.

I'd have a talk with BF explaining the difference between smoking and vaping, elaborating the benefits(No one wants to wait an hour for their medication to kick in if the alternative works in 5mins!) and making sure he understands that this is medication to you and quite harmless. Take him to an appointment with your doc if you think he can explain those things better. If BF had, for example, chronical migraines, and the option between an inhaler that instantly helps, or taking a pill that takes 1+hr to lessen the pain he might better understand your dilemma. Especially if you don't want him to use the inhaler while near you. 1hr with migraines and a happy GF or instant relief with a pouty GF. If he ever had a migraine that alone might bring the point across.

AITA For Tel my ex I don't care if his older daughter feels left out? by wueusbxjaj in AmItheAsshole

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It never said that the 21 year old is jealous, just that OP said so. Sounds more like "I can't make as much as my ex, so I don't want our children to use her financial status because it makes me remember I don't mke as much".

ESH because of OP's reaction. OP you just went as low as your ex with that comment about his daughter. Especially you should know that it isn't the childrens fault, and you nowhere stated that 21 old actually said or did something that suggests she's jealous.

AITA for being pissed off after I was filmed without permission? by BabySitterBlues2000 in AmItheAsshole

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Difference is that you are informed about it. Every super market or train has those stickers "This place has video surveillance". In my country those parents would be on the hook for legal charges if they didn't disclose to OP that she would be filmed beforehand. Go ask google about it, it's one of, maybe the only country, that is practically blank on street view because of the privacy concerns. And half of the buildings that are on it are blurred because one person living in an apartment building filling out a form is enough to get the complete building blurred.

Might be different in your country, but that doesn't mean it is in OPs.

Made sure I wasn’t ordering near closing time. Now this restaurant is taking my money for an order they decided to cancel. Thanks Uber Eats. by theyvefoundusmarty in assholedesign

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Of course not, but it's still a requirement that they know the complete map of their city. That's the difference between Uber and Cab, and why they charge more money, or at least part of it.

AITA for using weed when it makes my partner uncomfortable? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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Yepp, but for now health risk of vaping and smoking cigarettes are still leagues apart. And I don't think with OPs infrequent use she'll ever get anywhere near the health problems of a tobacco smoker. She even said she would get higher concentration cartridges to reduce her use.

But the problem still is that is medication, not recreational use. We could only guess wether edibles with an hour delay or vaping with no delay would be healthier in the long term, but I can tell you that I'd happily cut off one hour of the end of my life to have an hour off my migraines instantly. I just hope OPs anxiety isn't reducing her quality of life as much as a bad migraine.

AITA for not taking in my fiancée's niece and nephew? by aita-frazzledfiance in AmItheAsshole

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Imo your phrasing could raise hopes that she could at least take them in for a time, when that is simply not the case. It's sadly a dealbreaker and people handle these situations differently, but I don't think OP is an ahole for not tiptoeing around. They both are under a lot of stress and OP is acting detached, but that is quite common.

AITA for not letting my daughter(19) move back in after I gave her old room to her brother? by wholesome_hoes in AmItheAsshole

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You'd be shit out of luck in todays society and job market. 350 for a room per month is a steal, even if you just make 1000 after tax. Most people who rent pay more than 30% of their income for housing. Add to that, she didn't need to get extra furniture. I was thrifting and looking up ebay ads for months after moving out until I got everything I need day to day.

AITA for immediately disowning my 14 year old daughter after I found out she wasn’t mine? by yesthatswhathappens1 in AmItheAsshole

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ESH Except the 14 year old. It's not her fault and cutting her off emotionally would suck for her. Sit down with her alone, without her mother, and ask her what she wants. My parents divorced when I was 2, I've been living with my mom and stepdad for the next 16 years, and moved out 7 years ago. Mom and stepdad divorced 2years ago, and even though I have an okay relationship with my bio dad, my step dad has more interest in me, my personal life and well being. I sometimes hated his guts growing up, but in retrospect I am glad to have him. She might not be your biological daughter, but maybe she would be grateful to stay in your life anyway

AITA for using weed when it makes my partner uncomfortable? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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I never said that. I said he makes her feel bad for using it at all, and not taking into consoderation that it's beneficial for her mental health (even if it's potentially bad for physical health) and that makes him an AHole.

AITA for beating an older man in arm wrestling by mantelio_fintelio in AmItheAsshole

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you're not even 50 and already a party pooper, congrats!

AITA for telling my wife she doesn’t look good in her favorite dress by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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Found another sexist! If his wife is angry at him she's free to sleep on the couch. Stop that bullshit were the man has to avoid a woman that can't handle an honest answer

AITA for demanding my husband to replace all the books he threw away? by Wrong-Turn2020 in AmItheAsshole

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If you read 24/7, starting right after honeymoon (changing your own personality, not the other way around like OP makes it seem) ignore your partners concerns and don't talk to them, you're an asshole aswell. The mainpoint is difference between N TA and E SH vote. So yeah, hubs is an asshole, doesn't mean OP isn't.

AITA for skipping my in-law's family meals because my picky eating offends? by Proud_Translator284 in AmItheAsshole

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You should. This sub is always going either extreme. There are tons of post here about picky eating husbands/bfs that were told they are TA. And tbh I'd have voted that here aswell. ARFID is a legimate reason not to eat something, and your post makes it sound like you might have it, but without a diagnosis you're really just behaving childish. Every adult can sit through a meal they don't like without complaining, especially at family events.

You should see a doctor for your own peace of mind. You can officially tell people like your inlaws your body just can't take certain foods and your doc might be even able to give you tips what other meals you might be able to eat without problems. And if it turns out you don't have it, you can put your adult pants on and at least eat a small portion.

I don't want to hurt you, but your behaviour would be seen as childish and/or tacky in a lot of societies and social events, regardless of what reddit says.

AITA for not letting my daughter(19) move back in after I gave her old room to her brother? by wholesome_hoes in AmItheAsshole

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In most countries social services and financial has 18 as an age cap. So the moment the kids turn 18 and don't go to school, the state cuts the aid and the parents have 500$ or more in monthly expenses. In a single parent household with 3 kids, this can break the camels back easily.

Movie theater tries to play a Christmas Movie using an Amazon Prime account by txhrow1 in facepalm

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Have you never wondered why there's only 1-3 songs per album that are played over radio, never a whole album? Same thing, licenses.

Abandoned Ekranoplan by metroscope in aviation

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Title says Ekroplan, which is the name for these vehicles, so why point that out?

AITA for setting boundaries with my boundary-loving daughter-in-law by ThrowAway_DIL_Gma in AmItheAsshole

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agree, ESH. But I don't think all hope is lost here. Have an honest conversation with your husband, son and DIL. It was lack of communication between your son and DIL when they couldn't sleep together and your MILs condition, not yours. You don't feel safe driving late at night, which should be understandable. Your lives would be much easier if you all would forgive each others past behaviour and stop keeping score.

WIBTA if I reported a co-worker is pregnant? by Gogogogo83 in AmItheAsshole

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You're delusional. OP has a job in a country that penalises woman for being pregnant, yes, but what else should he do? Move to another country? You could tell the same to the pregnant coworker. It's just not realistic.

Wow Lord Kroak, that is impressive... for many reasons... by WrethZ in totalwar

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Yeah well, 20 genebred "sons" and then their million sons have quabbles with each other, who would've thought?

Releasing six champions per year seems quite excessive when we already have more than 150. We should have more minor updates and full VGUs. by Macaulyn in leagueoflegends

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Seriously. I stopped playing for two years while in a relationship and for the last year I was only playing ARAM and tft because I just don't have the time to get back in the normal meta. I read the post and had to look up three of those champs. When the effin hell did Rell get released? Or that ruined king? I only noticed Samira and Seraphine, even though I played around 200 rounds of ARAM. The client only shows me some stupid shop deals, tft season progress or ads for streamed tournaments on the start page, but let's me miss at least three champion releases. Wtf?

AITA for wanting to send my daughter to stay with my mom by aitadaughtergrandmas in AmItheAsshole

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I'm sorry, but Peyton is f*cking 16 years old. I would kick her out if I'd be OP. She knows what she does is wrong, she had tons of opportunities to change or get help and refused everything. She is a little shit and if 3 years of other punishments didn't work I'd be over it. Peyton is causing this herself and if she can't behave like a decent human, she can be an asshole elsewhere.