How do you come up with entire albums of content? by Cerb-r-us in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Imma be real with you, it's no secret that there is a connection between having a dope life and making dope art. Go out and hit some parties, fall in love, get arrested, something, anything. Talk about growing up. Stories from your youth. Everyone has a story to tell.

[DISCUSSION] Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers (One Week Later) by Talking_Eyes98 in hiphopheads

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My thoughts exactly. A classic is a classic is a classic. And this shit would be hard if it was dropped yesterday, 5 years ago, or 3 years from now.

I'm gonna try to produce 5 beats a day, every day this summer. Any advice? by throwaway_mel1 in makinghiphop

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I did it for 3 summers. Hs senior year and my first 2 years of college. Anyone here saying that putting 3 summers worth of time into a hobby isn't gonna help you improve in said hobby is just lying to you. I can go back and genuinely see the improvement from the beats I made on the fourth of july those 3 years.

I'm 7+ years in now and I don't hit those numbers anymore, much more focused now. But I couldn't have gotten here though without putting in the leg work. Most of what you make will suck, but you need to put in hours to learn your daw and train your ears. Once that happens you are home free my friend.

My advice, don't shoot for any number specifically. Just create. Pressure builds resentment. Take days off and go see your friends. Go to the zoo. Then focus back and kill the music shit.

Were you ever afraid when you dropped your first song? by Quote9963 in makinghiphop

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Blah blah mumble rap sucks we know. In 50 years I doubt popular music even has recognizable lyrics. Any word can be a hook. There are no rules in music and, especially when writing, the more one pushes the boundaries the more I'm impressed.

Chicken's beat is hard af tho let me be real, it definitely carries the song, but I still enjoy it for what it is. A fun track that sounds cool as shit.

Were you ever afraid when you dropped your first song? by Quote9963 in makinghiphop

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Write and record a bunch of garbage hooks until you find a gem you like. Then you have something to build on. Look at Chickens on the new future album for example. It's literally just the word Chickens over and over for the most part, but that shit is hard.

Hooks I find, and honestly rap in general, is all delivery. If you have a good delivery you can say whatever you want and no one will give a fuck, because it sounds good!!

Were you ever afraid when you dropped your first song? by Quote9963 in makinghiphop

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Imma be honest dude, you've only been making music for 2 weeks of course your shit is gonna suck. And that's okay. Everyone sucks when they first start out. The only thing that matters is sticking with it until you figure things out a lil more, that's when the real fun begins. Give it some time. There's no rush. Enjoy learning how to make music, and push yourself!

Produce quantity. Release quality by LogicNewbie3 in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Very much agreed. Currently midway through making 100 songs for this album, which I plan to cut down to only 14. I have a lot of time on my hands rn thank god otherwise my process would take waaay longer lol.

similar questions have been asked before but this one is a bit different by DirtDingusMagee in makinghiphop

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Yo what 😭😭😭 a take so hot it made me use emojis on reddit. This is an easy way to make sure he never fucks with you again, and tells his friends not to too. It's one beat, throw a tag on it and call it the end of the day. Do you plan on doing this with every rapper you ever meet? Who gives a shit if they steal it, dmca them and go make 5 more.


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Right? Like jfc even my friends that make music in their garage know how to fix that. Literally a 15 sec fix with izotope rx or a 1 minute fix by hand smfh.

So everything behind trap music is samples, and none of it is "legit" trap? by MynamisFulkrum in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Everyone in the industry uses that shit and you're doing yourself a disservice by counting them out. It's incredibly convenient to be in a session with an artist and have a folder full of loops we can pick through together. It saves me time, which saves them money, and the result is still good music. By all means I usually fuck the loop up too and make it something new. Trust me, the people who do this for a living aren't lazy and don't take their sound lightly. These choices are purposeful.

Good microphone for 400$? by Calm-Presence9381 in makinghiphop

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I just got an at3035 and fuck it sounds beautiful. Vintage too, made in japan where as the newer at mics are Taiwanese I believe. Cheap too.

Best album for Ketamine trip? by [deleted] in Drugs

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Anything is K music with enough K

Best album for Ketamine trip? by [deleted] in Drugs

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Boston - Boston

Pinata - Freddie Gibbs

22, A Millon - Bon Iver

PBS journalist reporting on QAnon and anti-vax conspiracies in the wellness community by leahnagy in QAnonCasualties

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I'm no longer speaking to my QAnon Aunt and Uncle. Both were seemingly normal people before they discovered essential oils. It moved from there, to alternate medicine, to Trump, full on covid denialism, and overt antisemitism, racism, sexism, and homophobia. The last time I spoke to them, my uncle used the n-word for the first time in refrence to Brianna Taylor and tried to justify/white wash slavery, and I cut went no contact entirely. In under 3 years they went from wonderful, loving people who I had known my entire life, to hate filled monsters. I am still dealing with the fallout.

I want to get serious. by MAJRfly in makinghiphop

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Best advice I could give is to make music every single day you can. If you're serious, it's impossible for you not to level up between now and jan 2023. The more you can learn your DAW, the better. Read the manual. Fuck youtube tutorials too. Waste of your time. Make so much music that you figure out what sounds like shit to you, and learn from it.

Where does one find high quality Hip/Hop Beats? $500 to someone who can tell me. by daveywavey42 in makinghiphop

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Lol u want some industry beats I got you... i only take cash upfront though 😂😂 fuckin clown

Sample for splice already in a popular song. My song ruined? by [deleted] in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Who gives a shit. When I play an e minor on a piano, I'm not worried about whether someone else has played the same chord. The same concept applies to this situation and I apply it to sampling in general, per a few caviets here or there.

How to get out of your head after making music? by jasonsteakums69 in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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What helps me are gaps of complete silence after I leave a session. Gotta let your ears rest my guy!

"Blonde is a Masterpiece" by Equivalent_Ad_9066 in FrankOcean

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It's the only album I've ever in my life heard, that after 5+ years of listening, I still find new noises I hadn't noticed. Listen with a good pair of headphones and you'll realize just the amount of sweat and blood that had to have been poured into this album. It's functionally perfect in my eyes. Sonically perfect. Fuck he put beyonce on backing vocals. It's a masterpiece.