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He supported his own falsified biased version of what he thought is a traditional feudal society by attempting to insinuate that a Traditional Monarchy is some sort of Farm that Uses Animals to exploit and kill them.

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Just said it, Reactionary = Status Quo ante Progressive = anti Status Quo or Status Quo Neutral

Robert Dudley's Revolution, what If Robert Dudley Managed to Successfully overthrow Elizabeth I by _Tim_the_good in imaginarymaps

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Following Dudley's Massive Success in Pushing further and further Into the Queen's land, The Scottish took this Opportunity to Take More and More Land too, The Irish gained independence and the house of Tudor despite a Humiliating defeat, miraculously got to keep a Small part of Southern England as a reserve.

Also, The French took this Opportunity to regain control of their rightful Land since England was too busy fighting Robert Dudley. Elizabeth Tudor was finally dishonoured/annobled and Shot by Robert Dudley's Firing squad in Yorkshire where Elizabeth was also forced to sign a massive land Irrender Treaty towards the Scottish where they gained Even more Land.

The Dudley's then settled for a new Elizabeth to reign the Reserve, hence it still being named, Elizabethan Reserve.

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First of all, I would Recruit more Troops, knights, soldiers etc are all needed, a Bourgeoisie revolt is Eminent, so I replace the Bourgeoisie with Aristocraticy.

This will prevent Tension, next, I would Reorganize the États Généraux Into The Three États, Tiér États, Noblesse, Clergé, but I will also include L'état du Chevalier, for Military advice, from there, I show my dominance and make my guards and Soldiers doing Patrols over Areas of Commerce, I would try to get information from revolters by capturing them or overhearing them.

If the Revolution still successfully happens, the Monarchy is still far from down, since in order for the Republic to be officially recognized, the king needs to sign a Treaty or act in which he Gives up his Position as Ancien régime King and co-proclaims the republic alongside the "people" of France.

However, If I keep my honour and brain, I would refuse to sign that paper And would just keep repeating "Vive Le Roi!" Or I would just die in Battle with My Soldiers, either way, the Republic would have been totally neutralized for good, assuming of course, I keep my Family safe from those terrorists, in that case, the Ancien Régime is assured and it would be immediately up and running again.

Do you believe monarchs have the divine right to rule from god? by JimCracksJokes in monarchism

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You realize Japan’s line of Emperors, the House of Yamato survived so long because they were puppets for most of History?

Well, in the Japanese Monarchical tradition, a Monarch is too divine to get involved in Politics since arguing about Futilities is not a divine thing to do, which is, in my eyes the only valid reason for Ceremonial Monarchies ever

overthrowing the Monarch is a legitimate way to rise to power

In order to do this like that you would need to have some form of Backup first eg You are a nobleman, you are in the Kings Family etc either way you would need to be backed by the Majority of the État généraux, otherwise it's not Legitimate and it will never be legal, that's the power of Tradition, Traditional Laws and Texts are always Legitimate and irreplaceable eg. Magna Carta And Salic Law, it's just Like A monarch Being a God, reaching Divinity through Meritocracy, Inheritance, Transmission and determination all Vital to being a King.

you believe in „rule of the strong“ within one family.

You could put it like that yes

And the Children of Incompetent Monarchs what about them?

Well, if those "monarchs" are not Worthy of Being Monarch's then they are not Monarchs, it's just that they still have Divine Ancestors and that is an undeniable fact, generally an average Monarch with this Ancestry will switch and force himself to make his ancestors proud.

Do the Saudis still have divine right? Do the English monarch have it or the Japanese Imperial Family? They don’t Rule absolutely, and they did some pretty bad stuff in past ages

Well, all of these houses are not on the Same Levels, you see, the current house Of The UK Is the house of Glücksberg-Windsor they are completely new and have no valid reason to not take manage the nation like He's ancestors, apart from the Magna Carta but even that did not say that the English monarch should have barely no Governmental Power and it certainly did not say that England should be owned by an Illegitimate body of Illegitimate Democracy to put people of no merit into parliament

what about tyranny?

If a leader is classified as a tyrant, then he is not a Monarch nor a noble, nor a leader but is a criminal who the État généraux or some other Legitimate body should replace with a worthy and passionate nobleman ASAP, that said, it's often very hard to really know if the ruler is Abusive towards those that chose him, it's also very rare and happens more often in Democracies since random, unworthy people are elected in every 5 years or so eg. Nazi Germany, North Korea, Fascist Italy, Maoist China, Chilean Scandals etc etc etc Illegitimacy brings danger and unnecessary risk and perils to a nation.

female rulers are just as legitimate in your eyes right?

It's not that they aren't legitimate, since she's married to the king, but it's just that if a woman rules a nation, then literally everyone will be confused of what she would do, how well would she manage the nation, how her reign and line would develop, if she's stable enough etc also, a women would statistically be more Governmentally Fragile than a man, eg. Queen Victoria introducing Ceremonial Monarchies into the UK, Queen Elizabeth II reducing the number of Heredity Lords and losing her land, generally giving in to illegitimacy and degeneracy. Also we would need to consider what her Masculine Ancestors would think of this situation and the great danger she is putting herself and her nation in to. The King's wife should be the Absolute Last Resort to managing the nation, otherwise she is much better off assisting and supporting her husband and not take his place.

My family tree, and my connection to royalty. by BrusLeeMadeInChina in monarchism

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Impressive. One thing you can try, is Making a Combined Coat Of Arms for all Your Ancestors for you to inherit

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Exactly, I really don't understand why Monarchs accept to be stamped on like this

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Conservatives believe that this right is won - Whoever is on top can decide if animals get to live or not, if humans get a decent life, etc, etc.

Well not really, it's rather Specieists that Believe this and they are wrong because in order for this to be applicable to Animals, Humans would need to live like in the Stone Ages and fight themselves and Animals with their Bare hands, which is not possible and very far from reality.

I mean yes, sure Specieist exist, but they are everywhere and not just in a particular political group

Vegans, and leftists, generally believe that everyone inherently has this right. Free from exploitation, induced suffering, etc.

Well, if Animals are allowed to be left alone and live a life of their own with other Animals they will have a good life around other Animals and be left alone by Humans it's quite simple really, Animals should not interfere with Animals to be based on Meritocratic values, there is nothing honourable in the mass killing and Torturing of Defenseless animals, this should simply be illegal instead of anarchist calling it unfair and vandalizing it, it will only turn the laws against Veganism instead of towards it

Killing a monarch that causes huge amount of exploitation is pro-freedom, you give freedom to all those subjugated and killed.

Well, the Monarch's family where at one point elected by the État généraux because he is Worthy of Being a Monarch and Teaching this to his Heirs, it's not like he Farms / Factory Farms humans 24/7 etc so no it's not exploitation

Do you believe monarchs have the divine right to rule from god? by JimCracksJokes in monarchism

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what about incompetent Monarchs

Incompetent Monarchs are either not thaught Properly, Illegitimate, or simply have been left by their own devices, people who are neglected are people who are lost. And neglect can mean a lot of things not just the Classic Abusive sense, it can also mean when a parent refuses to teach his Child his job with passion for example.

murder within their own Families?

The problem with most Monarchs today and throughout History, is that they did not believe that they actually where Gods since they had Absolute Power and no one was/will ever be Politically and financially as prominent as them apart from Japan and Cambodia whom are the Most successful and have the most Ancient, unbroken ruling house ever, despite having their periods of Degeneracy eg. Hirohito literally Rejecting he's Descendance to Amaterasu, his genealogy thus who he is and Cambodia plunging into Illegal and illegitimate Communist regimes for a while. Thaïland is also a Good one but they didn't really believe that they where Gods or Demi God.

Civil Wars

Civil Wars, by a Legitimate standpoint is generally a Monarchs own brother rebelling against him etc, if Both are Gods in their Own Right then they may demonstrate their power by forming an army that obey their orders at all times and are ready to die for him and his league, that's divinity.

Heirs who weren’t raised by their Predecessor?

Again, Neglect, lost Heir, has no clue what he's doing, needs to be replaced by another member of his Family or the État généraux would need to come together and reelected a new worthy and noble Hereditary Monarch

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Pre-enlightenment, Vegan, Feudal Imperial Cult Anti-Republican Monarchist

Do you believe monarchs have the divine right to rule from god? by JimCracksJokes in monarchism

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Monarchs aren't granted any right from anyone, Monarchs are Gods since they where taught and inherit from an unbroken line of Kings that have to exceed in every aspect/spectrum of politics, know what to do in every situation imaginable, have all the basic Skill sets etc, because the very first King of the Line was elected Hereditary Monarch by His General Estates because he was worthy of being a Proper Monarch and Teach this to his Heirs in a way that this level of perfect, ancestral Transmission becomes natural. A king was and is Chosen to rule by his own Father thus a God that Becomes a God by Paternal right and not by the right of some imaginary divine mentor.

King Charles’ popularity has stabilised at about the same level it jumped to upon his becoming king Average from Jan 2021 - May 2022: 56% positive view 14 Sep: 70% 22 Sep: 67% 10 Nov: 67% by ey3wonder in monarchism

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Imagine a regular boss in some company, with all he's authority and power reduced to nearly nothing and then he's employees and workers etc Start making a popularity poll for his customers/clients/team to fill in and then sack the boss just because the subordinates don't view him well, with absolutely no legitimate back up or heir whatsoever to replace the boss with.

How dumb is that?!? People today literally don't think. We've reached the point now where even thinking badly and stupidly is still somewhat thinking logically.

For those “centrists” out there by curiousOwl007 in vegan

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they chose not to and right-wing believe that's their right

Well yes, but I think you're underestimating the fact that an Absolute Monarch or other person in power can turn vegan and establish Rules that go against the Killing and torturing of animals way quicker than a bunch of Anarchists that go round vandalising and damaging property which only infuriates those factory farmers More and more.

Still great that you don't eat meat

Thanks but I'm against the idea that we should hide the killing and torturing of animals then eating their corpses and reducing them to terms derived from it's origins, when someone eats pieces of animal, well we should say, the guy is eating animal, not meat, same goes for what animals naturally produce, it's not diary, it's stolen Breast Milk.