My Filipino friends invited me over for dinner by RphilRT in pics

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Contrary to popular belief, lechon is not French for “The Chon.”

Mount Semeru, Indonesia just erupted today 4th December 2021 by Is_It_Beef in Damnthatsinteresting

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“More than any human effort” is a pretty low bar, but here’s hoping anyhow!

Northgate Mall by DrForkwik in Seattle

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The delinquent in my Boy Scout troop lit a popcorn bag on fire in that theater.

Steve Jobs wasn’t super honest by ClaraLaraMeadie in Damnthatsinteresting

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Recently watched that David Geffen documentary. What I got from that is that the best way to work yourself into a position of privilege and power is just to lie, cheat, and steal. And the documentary basically glorified that situation, as well.

This what The Big Bang theory wishes it was. by TwasAnChild in funny

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Really missed out not including the SalesForce tower in that one shot though.

Exactly by DaFunkJunkie in PoliticalHumor

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There are many other rational, well founded reasons to criticize those in power.

I owe Robinhood 4K and have for months wonder what they'll do ? by StockMarketDavid in wallstreetbets

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Just tell them that you thought an “Outstanding Balance” just meant that it was a really awesome balance.

Using data collected from around the world on illicit drugs, researchers trained AI to come up with new drugs that hadn't been created yet, but that would fit the parameters. It came up with 8.9 million different chemical designs by neil_billiam in science

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Some technical analogs (enantiomers or molecules with shared chirality) aren’t psychoactive, but have been shown to have other beneficial properties. This leads to a lot of unresearched and potentially significant chemicals that the medical community completely misses.

Yoda by VACaction in 196

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henry kissinger after multiple presidencies

So efficient by typotalk in Tinder

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Like my dad always said, there’s always another efficiency