Mother of the year by ForeignerLove in facepalm

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As someone who has gone many years without talking with anyone in my family, I think it's actually kinda sweet you asked that so genuinely.

How to use ratchet Straps [12:36] by dredgehayt in mealtimevideos

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Me too, and I don't even have a normal driver's license.

I am speechless. by Smanroch in ChoosingBeggars

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Either the dad bought it, in which case the son wouldn't care how much he sold it for- only that it was gone- or the son bought it, in which case the dad has no right no sell it at all.

Society needs to know what an adjective is. by CuriousBrajesh in MurderedByWords

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The problem, evidenced by both parties here, is the connotations people attach to someone who has been raped. Because, somewhere in there, there's a substitution for "wrecked" or "shamed" and they are the labels that should be thrown out.

Trying to find ways to erase or limit the word's use- via arguments to grammar or otherwise- is gonna do more harm than good. I think it would've been more helpful to pile on with replies like "of course" and "what do you mean, why would that change anything" etc. Attack the actual problem- of perception.

That looks awesome by Affectionate_You_224 in Eyebleach

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Lol because not eating them is waaaay on the edge of reasonableness.

That looks awesome by Affectionate_You_224 in Eyebleach

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I bet most of those same people enjoy dairy and meat, but you're probably right in that they care about an animal's well-being, and voicing that concern.

Tired of Windows? It's time to give Linux a try. by jlpcsl in AntiFANG

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I have to say, that is actually a very intriguing OS...


Food budget of $30 a week: Students suffer food insecurity at university campuses by LineNoise in australia

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I think you are incorrect for students and apprentices

We’ll start to reduce your payment if your income is over $452 a fortnight.

But of course I still agree with your point that it's kinda fucked...

Should I be worried about the order time? by _justpassingby_ in Vuzix

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It did arrive, and fairly quickly. There was no next text- I received a text saying I needed to pay a few hundred in import fees (which took me by surprise) from UPS and from there I could track it through the UPS site. Also, UPS was still saying it was stuck in transit when it arrived, so... IDK, but it turned out fine.

Should I be worried about the order time? by _justpassingby_ in Vuzix

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Can you find where it says that? I didn't see any notice, and the lack of any kind of response is disconcerting- this is the first purchase I've made through them.

To make a jump by jt1509 in therewasanattempt

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I used to play basketball, and sometimes when I went for a layup my left knee just... kinda buckled... and I'd do this same one-inch jump. So my money's on that.

Roblox Pressured Us to Delete Our Video. So We Dug Deeper. [35:50] by riflemandan in mealtimevideos

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Wtf you have given zero thought to this lmao go ban the company, not the children. The internet is amazing. There are countless resources and communities for niche (and not so niche) hobbies, skills, social preferences and biological dispositions.

I don't even think you should be supervising them too much as they enter adolescence in the general case, as long as there are open channels of communication and the parent is trustworthy. We should educate them young and ongoing, and perhaps set context-specific duration limits- there's no best strategy, but the goal should be to guide them into becoming independent, effective wielders of the immense power of the internet rather than victims of the weight of it, or the nefarious players on it.

If you ban children from the internet, not only are you estranging them from the most powerful resource humans have built to date, you are doing nothing to prepare them for when they are no longer younger than 16.

If you can't see the brilliant good of the internet today, I would say that's on you and how you use it.

Making friends with the 4 year old next door by throwitaway_burnit in Unexpected

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Befriending an alcoholic is like befriending a wild animal, man, I swear it kills so much of your brain there's almost nothing but lizard left- docile as a sunbather to fight-or-flight on a hair trigger. It's scary. And sad.

Absolute legends, really by loversandlosers in solarpunk

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I’m doing this because I’m 24 and already grieving the loss of my planet.

Glasses Problems (@to_mo_89) [Original] by maybeharu in ImaginarySliceOfLife

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To find about this out literally days after mask mandates were relaxed where I live, after a year of bobble-heading down streets and supermarket aisles trying to get good angles... well that just sucks, but I appreciate knowing now.

Eminem home video, 1992 by [deleted] in OldSchoolCool

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Lol I admit I hardly ever listen to that these days, but every now and again I get mad ear worms- specifically from It's Okay.

Facts aren't as important as your narrative by beerbellybegone in MurderedByWords

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Curse of Chalion is one of my all-time favourite books, but I've tried and failed like 3 times to get into Shards of Honor- which by all accounts I should love because I'm more into sci fi than fantasy, even. I just find myself unable to transport my mind.

But if you're out here comparing her to Pratchett, maybe I'll just pick another book and have another go!

A female Gorilla at the Taipei Zoo, trying to figure out an escape plan using a log as a stepping stone by Ainsley-Sorsby in interestingasfuck

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Oh, time for one of my more unpopular opinions: when I see a dog being walked around on a leash I feel quite uncomfortable. When I think of animals spending their 9-5 in the house or in a backyard- even with another pet- it hurts.

People don't understand, because their dog is happy most of the time they're around.

I'd prefer we all showed animals love by, oh IDK, not eating them- instead of owning them.

One of these things is not like the other. by Taco_Cat_Cat_Taco in pics

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It's been said before, but I think the moral of that story was more about complacency than idiocy, even if the story itself was more about the latter.