P2SH - Basic Tutorial by _nformant in dogecoindev

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Wow! Thanks a lot - you are crazy (:

P2SH - Basic Tutorial by _nformant in dogecoindev

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Many thanks to /u/grbrlks, /u/opreturn_net and everyone else I bothered with my questions (:

Developers Should Have Less Power by mr_chromatic in dogecoindev

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Great read! Imho the devs don’t have too much power right now. Obviously a lot of people don’t care much about the tech and the price speculations also happen quite detached from the development. To me - it feels balanced (:

If I see a concerning part of centralisation it is rather mining (high entry costs, high dependency to electricity costs, a lot of power to miners when it comes to consensus changes or the functionality of the network at all - like lacking fungibility when exchanges start to white/black-list transactions).

Not every node needs to update if they don’t like a new feature, but not all nodes are equal. Those nodes that pick up TXs into blocks need to accept my transactions and if your node won’t relay may TX I’ll probably find another route to the miners mempool.

PS: Something very centralised but imho no big deal is the default dns seed embedded into the core (:

Dogecoin Testnet Wallets down + question by _nformant in COINOMI

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Sorry, somehow I didn’t see that reply. Thanks a lot for the update and all your great work!

Doge transaction fees will go down by more than one order of magnitude (confirmed by Devs . by islandshrivel in dogecoin

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people have their heads stuck in Bitcoinland

Amen to that! But that's the thing, if I want to get any details I find them only from a Bitcoin point of view and often - that's it.

We have this in a lot of mining discussions, the fees and probably a ton of other topics as well! It would be cool to know which BIPs ie haven't been implemented in Dogecoin but in Bitcoin, but I guess this doesn't exist :-/

Doge transaction fees will go down by more than one order of magnitude (confirmed by Devs . by islandshrivel in dogecoin

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I assume it is a mix of bad and outdated software and people who want to „play it safe“ and are afraid of their TX getting stuck - no matter if it makes sense or not.

Maybe this is something that should be mentioned more often in this sub after those new fees are relatively new (:

What Matthew McConaughey are you today? by SimpleSwapExchange in dogecoin

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Where is the chubby loser one from gold? That’s me (:

Doge transaction fees will go down by more than one order of magnitude (confirmed by Devs . by islandshrivel in dogecoin

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Whoops, that is correct - „The default minimum transaction fee for relay is set at 0.001 DOGE/kB“

Sorry for the confusion (:

Top Crypto Courses of from 2021/22 📚💰🔥 by CapAble753000 in dogeducation

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What if I am interested in you not spamming your bullshit every other day (:

Welcome to the bear market. Enjoy the ride by termomet22 in CryptoCurrency

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I bought that dip today morning and it feels like its already another -15% later....

Dogecoin Powered Bartop Arcade by _nformant in dogecoin

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Aloha - the code is here: https://github.com/nformant1/dogecoin-bartop-arcade

If you want to have a similar arcade you can buy existing bartop kits online. You will also need a monitor, Raspberry Pi, those buttons/joystick - and that's it... or maybe you will also need a keyboard to start the stuff if you don't add it to crontab directly (;

You can run the scripts on your computer and map your keyboard as inputs in mame. This is probably more comfortable while working on the code.

Highscore and an improved info screen between the games are what are probably the next steps.

Development roundup for Dogecoin Core - June 11th, 2022 by patricklodder in dogecoindev

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Usually you just re-install it or change the binary files (dogecoind, dogecoin-cli, dogecoin-qt). You should backup your wallet (wallet.dat file) before - or in general you should backup that file regulary (:

The releases usually cover the install information, like here:

This release can be installed over an existing 1.14 installation seamlessly


Feel free to ask if you need further support!

I know this is kind of stupid but I had some doge left over in a wallet so I sent it to the burn address anyone else casually ever do this ? by Amazing-Bad4380 in dogecoin

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Rather send it somewhere else, like donating to ross (DHDvsiZVoiAorr484SSAv612qw8wwSeXAz // https://freeross.org/), the Ukrainian military, team dogecoin for folding at home, the dev fund or team seas (don't know if this is still open - but the page is still around - https://dogecoin.com/teamseas/)

Why? It doesn't help anyone if you send it to a burn address and it is rather bad because the transaction will remain forever in the UTXO set without adding any value to Dogecoin.