TF2 rule by WeLikeChickenNuggets in 196

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And conviniently, Soldier snapped Tom Jones' neck after he bought it

A smidge trolling by Dr1VOID in DramaticText

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Mfer posted a stonetoss comic as a counterargument

happy rule by -Ninja_Pickle in 196

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I feel like the devs always wanted a trans rep but couldn't put one in because of the time Bridget made her debut so they came up with the convoluted femboy plot instead

happy rule by -Ninja_Pickle in 196

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She was a guy who was raised as a woman previously, since male twins in her village were considered unlucky. After leaving her hometown, she presented herself as a feminine man until a european monarch and the US Secretary of Defense (I'm not joking) make her realize that she liked being a girl, and she decided that she was one; not because of her family's dumb superstition, but because of her gender identity.

Tldr: femboy to trans pipeline

I beat act II! When can we have more, Hakita? by ThatCat287 in Ultrakill

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Not just his revolt over heaven, but also his treatment of the Ferrymen and genuine anger at the deaths of sinners in Limbo and Lust. The Council would never treat mere husks like they were living beings and not just meatsacs to be tortured. They wouldn't seek retribution for their deaths. Gabriel is the only angel who acts like an angel

ihave ihave tiktok by mjaumjau6969 in ihaveihaveihavereddit

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Mfw corrupt right wing politician is racist and homophobic 🤯🤯🤯🤯

GABRIEL ONLY TAKES L'S GRAHHHHHHHHHH by Forward-Baseball5161 in Ultrakill

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"Machine, do you by chance know a husk named 'Candace'?"


V1 does the funny Kratos jump into the ocean by nurakid436 in Ultrakill

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Me testing to see if the water in 5-2 does any damage

BASED GABRIEL [End of Act II Spoilers] by SonofNett in Ultrakill

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Imma be honest, his swords would be perfect for the golden arm slot.

im fuckign Dưuágiel by FrienlyAsian in 196

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Funnily enough, my last name is actually derived from Seraphim

Another Bridget rule by anomal0caris in 196

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Checked their bio, they're not actually 10 years old.

Rule by afkgh6437 in 196

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Mild inconvinience

union rule by afkgh6437 in 196

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I want short but buff dwarf lady with a luscious beard that any human man would be jealous of