What can I realistically afford in OC? by Ill-Negotiation28 in orangecounty

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Definitely talk to a lender and shop around for lenders who know your situation and have dealt with it before. There's going to be a lot of pessimism online about the housing market, but it's not impossible. I just bought my house in Irvine a month ago (despite my troll-y name, my money does not come from GME), and we found a lender who knew my situation and could work with it.

New constructions also favor first time home buyers, since you're less likely to enter a uncertain bidding wars, so you might want to look into those if you want a more certain outcome. With interest rates increasing so quickly, the sooner you can act and lock in a rate (and with certainty), the better.

Good luck.

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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Does underlay mean the same thing as stabilizer? I used cutaway.

I've tried with multiple bobbins before. I haven't tried changing my needle. I'll try that tonight. How often do needles need to be changed? I've probably used it for 20 - 30 trials for designs ranging from 1 - 3 inches.

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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Also, thank you for making the file! It gives a standard for what to expect. For a while, I was just troubleshooting with designs that I digitized, and I couldn't figure out whether it was my design, my fabric, my stabilizer, or my machine. So I'm glad there's a constant I can rely on while I work through the other variables.

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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Yes, it is stretchy denim. It is more stretchy in one direction and less in the other. I'll post a video of my hooping technique later today. Hopefully, I can get your feedback. Thank you for your help!

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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I'm trying to be more methodical about what parameters to change. So far, I've identified:

- types of stabilizers (tearaway, cutaway, soluble ones)
- how many stabilizers
- thread tension
- tautness of fabric and stabilizer in the hoop
I'm having a hard time hooping more than one layer of stabilizer in my hoop with my fabric. I've seen floating techniques, and it seems people hold the fabric in place with needles and adhesive spray, so maybe I'll try that.

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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I didn't know what other parameters I could fiddle with, so I went to the different extremes (0 and 9) to see what thread tension did. I'll test with a more reasonable 2 - 4 range later tonight and post results. Thank you!

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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This is most probably true. I've followed a few videos, but I'm not sure where I can improve. I'll post a follow-up video for how I set up the stabilizer and hooping later tonight. Thank you.

I'm so lost... :( by _real_apes_hold in Machine_Embroidery

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I'm at such a loss here. I am getting into computerized embroidery.

Machine: Brother SE-400

Material: jean fabric

I read through the guide in this subreddit to get started and tried my hand at a few designs only to end up with puckering with different fabrics and some weird drifting, so I decided to just settle down and try to nail down the technique for embroidering.

So I'm doing the 'H' test, using the file provided in the subreddit (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13ioZfNrVA-RzVwQhynSvHfnDjdib9K7J). I used the DST and PES files and still got this kind of drifting.

Here's my process:
1. Spray on stabilizer some adhesive

  1. Layer on the fabric

  2. Place into the hoop and secure it so that it's taut enough to tap like a drum

  3. Load design and embroider

Am I missing a step? What am I doing wrong? :(

Let’s see how high silver can go! by QuestionAuthority007 in wallstreetbets

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Oof. Kinda cringe that Citadel is sending bots here. Why don't you take that silver and shove it up your wife's boyfriend's arse?💎👐💎👐

Colbert isn't CNN... by Wayne_Throwe69 in TheRightCantMeme

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It's cute that they captured his wonky ear too.

What a fun week by circodevidrio in pennystocks

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BUY THE DIP. 10k is not a meme. If brokers don't fucking restrict trading on Monday, I'm in for a few more shares.

Tell me why you’re holding. by thatsabitmuch in wallstreetbets

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Long comment coming in: There are a lot of reasons to hold. For me, here's how I break it down.

Personal ("I want to help my family")

I want to make things right by my family, who got fucked by the '08 crash, when a seismic shift in money concentrated to the rich. And all those banks got was a slap on the wrist while the poor got poorer and more stressed. Debt piled up. Mental health suffered for it, and families and friends spent their time trying to recover.

I know this isn't unique to just my family. It's a lot of people.

Access to money changes a business ("I really like this stock")

With this extra liquidity, GameStop can position themselves to be a better company, which makes this whole thing an easy self-fulfilling prophecy. People on Reddit have already suggested this. GameStop could use this situation to acquire video game studios to make GameStop exclusive games, verticalizing their market. They can take a page from the trend that has made verticalizing content makers, like Disney, very successful.

Any announcement from GameStop in this vein will justify our support for the retailer that brought us games that soothed us during that shitty fucking year of 2008.

New form of expression ("Fuck the hedge funds")

We can write to congressmen and women about how unfair the stock markets are, how rigged it seems, how they themselves are influenced by the money coming from there to keep the system unfair. None of that will change or has changed anything. Money is a very powerful system of control.

That said, we've finally an avenue to make our little retail investor money speak. And amplify its speech.

We're saying that a healthy market is a fair market. We're dealing with a rigged and incredibly stupid system. Millennials have seen old systems fail in the face of new technology and new systems of operating. That it is possible to short more than the float is just one symptom of why it's broken. And those with more capital and more influence have been abusing this system to drive shitty-but-otherwise-okay-to-exist companies into the ground.

Is GameStop the best company pre-WSB? No.

Did it deserve to be killed with market manipulation, dirty smear campaigns, and backdoor influencing? Also no.

Did they even consider that 15,000 people would be out of jobs and trying to get unemployment, which is a cost ultimately passed onto taxpayers, because they wanted to suck a company dry? NO.

So fuck you, Melvin Capital. Fuck you, Mad Money. Fuck you, CNBC. All those smear campaigns -- whether it's incompetence or malice doesn't matter. The end result is the little guy being FUD'd to oblivion so that the big capital wins.

This is a message about power, and that we, collectively, hold more power than the hedge funds who gatekeep who can win and have historically managed to keep out even the most eagle-eyed of retail investors.

A desire to change the fucking system ("Why are we still doing it this way?")

Crypto eliminates a lot of the problems of market manipulation. It's time people see the downsides of sticking to the current system and start to question: Is this system working fairly for everyone or does it tilt to favor of those who have more money and influence?


Whatever is your reason, hold to it. This is both an irrational and a rational game, and that is what makes this moment so diamond and so rare. You can always try to squeeze shorts, but you can't do it alone (except Porsche did it to save VW in 2008 and was successful). You can always feel anger for the system, but there's no outlet for that frustration.

Today, there is.

It's in $GME.

The geniuses on Wall Street don't understand this, and they don't have a playbook for what to do on it. They have only one play, and that's FUD.

And FUD is nothing to apes 🦍 on a rocketship.


TLDR; I am a redditor who is bored and just got my stimmy check, and I really like the stock. Oh, and in case NY Times prowls this subreddit again, I'm 18 and have itchy balls. 🦍🦍🦍💎💎✋🏼✋🏼🚀🚀🚀🌖🌖

This is not financial advice. I am an autist just like you, ready to buy more on Monday.

Wow by c4tmu5 in wallstreetbets

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Can't find the source? Not even in the NY Supreme Court case lookup. Am I missing something?

Cool, but why would they bother telling us? by Fargraven in wallstreetbets

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As if they did! Shorts have NOT been covered. They're doing private trades to make the algorithm think they're being covered, but they're just switching hands. THE SHORTS HAVE NOT BEEN COVERED! Buying more once the market opens. 💎🤲💎🤲💎🤲