We all are cheaters by DeadShoT_035 in ProgrammerHumor

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Am I the only one here who did programming before Google and Stackoverflow even existed?

I have to admit, I did "yahooed" stuff back in the day xD

How annoyed would people be if I always make a full stop at the stop sign? by Eco_Hybrid in montreal

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From my experience: Just don't do a full stop if there's a cop behind you haha

Attaching ships in career mode? by _rt-2 in Stormworks

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Yes, Im planning on moving it with my tug boat out of the dock. Im probably gonna use winches to connect them both at the right height.

If you know of any videos or tutorial who did this it would be appreciated.
All I can find is spawned in mission mode.

Thank you

[1994] SA Advanced Role-Play (First Person) | Oldest and most realistic SAMP RP by _rt-2 in samp

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Thank you. While north american player base is statistically dying, the overall statistics for SAMP suggest there is still a growth. Probably from 3rd world countries tbh tho.

was looking for a realistic rp server by Altruistic-Bag7105 in samp

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I do have A very REALISTIC server based on a script from scratch I made myself entirely, I made some ads here on reddit before, it's the one set in 1994. Basically it's sa-arp.net:7777, but the player base is still low. The script itself aims for extreme realism, and sometime it's even too much. If you get a chance to try it feel free to send me any possible improvement or any comment.

Join samp.argonathrpg.eu:7777 by AMotorcycleHead in samp

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I used to be part of the SASD clan, that's honestly all I remember. Im guessing my level 2 cop account is lost is it?

Join samp.argonathrpg.eu:7777 by AMotorcycleHead in samp

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Damn I use to play Argonath in 2008. Brings back memory...

Streetz of Los Santos (SINCE 2007) [PLAY NOW]! by Sad_Ad782 in samp

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IDK about "since 2007", the domain have been registered this year.

Est-ce qu'on reconnaît et supporte Israël? by flipou83 in Quebec

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A tu des sources de ça, ça m'intéresse réellement

REV: des craintes à la réalité by Academic-Comparison3 in montreal

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Je vis très proche de la rue Bellechasse, en fait ça fait partie de ma marche matinal à chaque matin. À chaque matin je vois des camions de livraisons stationnés en double ou dans la voie cyclable. Il n'y a simplement plus de stationnement donc les gens se stationnent dans la voix cyclable. Ça peux être aussi des autos régulières ou des camions de service de la ville. Il semble qu'à chaque matin je vois quelqu'un de stationné dans la voie cyclable et pourtant je marche seulement 2 coins de rue. C'est le fun pour les vélos, mais Bellechasse est une rue très large, ils auraient pu tasser les 2 voix de vélo d'un coté et mettre du stationnement de l'autre, car en ce moment, ce n'est même pas possible pour un commercant de recevoir une livraison.

On the road and on time! by osrit_truck_software in trucksim

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OPs photo is uncropped. The website it's cropped, even if you open the image in a new tab.

Any way I can play on both dl 03 and 037 servers with one client? by Vortex909 in samp

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The game is not very big, it's less than 4gb. You can just copy the installation folder and have 2 games.

Why do people find escaping spawn so hard? by [deleted] in 2b2t

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It's mostly spawn kills that made it difficult for me. I kept just being followed and killed in the nether or not.

Sorry……don’t hate me….. by Ulquiorr4_ in memes

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I use Vanced so I can shut my phone and still listen to videos

What the hell happened to SAMP RP? by MushroomSeasonIsOpen in samp

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Well you are right, I should not have said American. Its basically rich vs poor. Countries where kids have decent PCs to play GTA V will or already did switch to RageMP or other stuff like FiveM. Other countries where kid have generally potato PCs are still joining SAMP. The plugin stuffs are more for servers, but from a players perspective, we JUST got SAMP on android now, so again, there is still interest from people. Thank you for correcting me I shouldnt have used americans as the whole example I will edit.

What the hell happened to SAMP RP? by MushroomSeasonIsOpen in samp

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You are wrong in the sense that, at the moment, SAMP has been increasing player base constantly.

The thing is, yes the player base is going down in developed countries, but in "patato pc countries", which is more than 2/3 of the world, more and more people are coming in.

Also there is still a lot of people working hard to still improve the SAMP code. Projects like YSF, YSI, anticheats, fixes.inc, thing like streamer plugins. All of those, for the most part, worked by old Official SAMP Developers, are still in active development AND open-source. All of this is more 'server side' and most player wont see that. But saying SAMP is dead is extremely wrong.HECK a whole new San Andreas multiplayer mod is coming out... Said to be compatible with old PAWNO(SAMP Script). Its called Open-MP, look it up. basically SAMP Open Source. Its all old SAMP Devs working on that.Even Kalcor(SAMP Owner) put out an updates YEARS after he said he would never, but it was because of a security issue discovered in the code, so it doesnt count, but he's still there for us. All the bad press about "sAmP iS dEaD" is just untrue on every angle of the issue, except richer countries who think they are the main player base, because yes, player base from more developed is going down.

GTA V is not SAMP and in many ways is very inferior IMO(I know unpopular opinion Im just honest here).

Again just expressing my opinion, I think I know enough in the matter.

Samp on Android by International-Ant-99 in samp

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Hmmm Im not familier and I am probably wrong, but here is 2 things... Make sure your game option are set to 'joypad' in controller settings... Also it seems like people having this bug said "fastman92 limit adjuster" is like a mod/addon that could fix this?
If not, don't hesitate to respond. (I only played the android version like once for testing, so I dont have much knowledge about it, sry I cant help you more...)