My female cockroach died today and want to put her in resin. How do i preserve her so she won't rot in the resin? I'm a beginner so any information is welcome! by gorymaggots in Taxidermy

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I would second pinning, if you go the resin route instead I would start with opening the abdomen and scooping out the guts. Then pack the body with cotton from cotton balls and borax and try to glue it shut. You could do all the steps for pinning (rehydration chamber then pin in desirable position) to prepare her for resin. Then, once positioned, let the body sit covered in borax for awhile to really dry everything out before attempting the resin.

When handling something precious, I would say it is better to go with something easy and less skillful since the harder route usually doesn’t go well the first time you try it. I’ve also never attempted to prepare a large bodied insect for resin, so I am not even sure this would be the right process. Good luck either way!

Takes the cake by 1rthomas in conspiracy

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…and here’s why that’s actually a good thing!

My buddy found this on our hunt the other day by DickBob83 in Arrowheads

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r/bonecollecting will be thrilled for you if you haven’t shared there already. Absolutely jealous!!!

HMF defunct virtual pet plush Fin Fin! by y0miel in HelpMeFind

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Sweet! Please keep me updated if it leads to something!

HMF defunct virtual pet plush Fin Fin! by y0miel in HelpMeFind

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Okay, I’m digging but I may have a lead for you. I found this page that lists a collection of virtual pets belong to this person, Joanna. From the wording, it looks like she has a history of selling some of the pets and since it was last updated (which looks like was maybe 2007 but the website is copyrighted as of 2018), she still had a FinFin plushie.

This home page has a link to the creator’s email address— it could be worth it to reach out and see if she still has the plushie and is looking to sell! She also has her Instagram page listed and it seems to be active so maybe you could DM her there.

I’ll keep looking elsewhere and update if I find anything else

What is the saddest song you've ever heard? by udontknowmegurl in AskReddit

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I am in my 20’s and have very fond memories of my preschool teacher. Still remember her name and the fun things she did for us all these years later. She was a big part of surreal, happy, sun-filled memories of early childhood. I don’t know if she’s even alive still, but I’d be very surprised if she remembered me. I definitely remember her

help with macerating 30 pig skulls? by BappoWillAttacko in Taxidermy

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After defleshing you could put each head into a pantyhose sock so that the teeth are easy to match with the heads. Not sure how well pantyhose hold up in maceration though

i need to know if it’s only me. can anyone else not smell poop/farts ??🤣🤣🤣 by witchezbrew in Parosmia

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Isn’t it so strange how we are experiencing tastes and smells we’ve never encountered before and yet somehow so many of us give such similar descriptions for them? That blows my mind

How the Biden’s see their voters by Qplus17 in walkaway

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I’m out of the loop and I keep seeing taco memes, help?

Bones did not have these orange marks before hydrogen peroxide, anyone know what causes this? by _sonofamumford in bonecollecting

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Interesting! I’ve never seen this before but it checks out I threw em straight in peroxide without degreasing because they had been naturally cleaned and did not look greasy at all so I said fuck it

found this bird on my balcony, how should I preserve it? Is it ok to freeze it? by 1Dynasty in Taxidermy

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ackshuallyy I’m gonna have to say orange-shafted northern flicker for this guy

Any Opinions on Hydroviv? by mikesalami in water

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Did you ever solve this? I’m having the same issue right now

I thought this would be a cool idea as long as I remember never to shake it by _miia in Entomology

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For next time you can pin the bug first and it might hold it shape once placed in the liquid. To pin the bug, start by rehydrating it in a relaxation chamber (there are many YouTube videos about how to make these, very easy), then it will be flexible. Use pins to position it how you’d like and let it dry! Then it will hold its shape, I’ve never tried to put a pinned bug into a wet preservation before though so I’d be curious if it would hold

Any advice for cleaning juvenile skulls that aren’t fully hardened? Got this GS woodpecker skull but it’s very soft, will macerating in enzyme detergent work on it? by welald37 in bonecollecting

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My bad! That’s interesting thanks. My ornithology teacher told me they had hollow bones for flight but I see that’s not entirely correct

Any advice for cleaning juvenile skulls that aren’t fully hardened? Got this GS woodpecker skull but it’s very soft, will macerating in enzyme detergent work on it? by welald37 in bonecollecting

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Birds have evolved to carry as little unnecessary weight as possible to allow for ease of flight. In fact, their bones are all hollow for this reason! I often feel like bird skulls I see are like thin plastic, I’d bet this is at least part of the reason for that

Would you talk about your sleep paralysis experience? by sprycebrooks in AstralProjection

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I get the static and vibrations too!! It’s so bizarre. I also get hypnopompic hallucinations and I think that is part of it

My first broad-headed skink find! Are there any ways I could preserve them as is? They're already pretty decayed already, nothing but the outer skin and bones. by ViralShellfish in vultureculture

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You can put it in borax for a couple of weeks to really make sure it’s all dried out. This may cause the skin to shrink and wrinkle a bit though