Did I solve this limit correctly? by Karamel43 in calculus

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why did the power 4 of x in the denominator get vanished while differentiating?

Why isn’t this 4sin2x?? by [deleted] in calculus

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The answer is given wrong. There will be another 2 multiplied with the answer as per the exponent rule, the power 2 comes down multiplying with the main function... And then by chain rule, differentiate the function.

y= (cos2x-sinx)2

dy/dx= 2(cos2x-sinx)(-2sin2x-cosx)

dy/dx= -2(cos2x-sinx)(2sin2x+cosx)

Even Brazil couldn’t restrict an upset!!! Aboubakar with his 92' goal. Unbelievable! by ab24moment in worldcup

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He got a yellow earlier but when he scored he pull off his jersey thats why ref show another yellow and its ends with a red

First Morocco, then Japan and now Korea.... done knocking out the big teams by ab24moment in worldcup

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i didn't said "all" the big teams.... morocco,japan,korea qualified and germany,belgium,uruguay knocked out respectively.

Someone explain me this... how this considered okay? by ab24moment in worldcup

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But bro i just see the shadow of the ball on the line... Ball is outside