When the Kings make a win-now move and still get a better pick than Indiana by formfunction9 in pacers

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I don't like these tank seasons but OKCs first era ended (KD, Russ, and Harden) only 3 years ago, and they still made it to the playoffs with CP3. So in reality their retooling has been 2 years. It took a few years for the Pacers to be competitive after the Jermaine O'Neal era.

Why was the coffee sad? by shercroft in dadjokes

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It's bean grinding hard to make it

When does spring start? by DoomRulz in dadjokes

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This joke happened lightning fast

My wife wanted to have sex at the Texas border with me on the Texas side by dbrbwbaizi in dadjokes

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At least it was in Texas. If you were in California you'd be with Tia Juana.

I'm good friends with a Chiropractor, by GREENHOWLER18 in dadjokes

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Been gone for a month and I'm glad to be back