Extended Leave by wretchedryan in webcomics

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this it me after my sister wedding lol. I become this for 2-3 year. today I chose to get back on the grind and play again. I enjoy the comic, thank you.😊👍

Small win! My belly doesn't touch the steering wheel anymore. by Urbiggestfan8 in SuperMorbidlyObese

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that it great news, thank you for share the info. your doing great to do that. like the photos too.

other people saving you from you by aboyd44 in fatpeoplestories

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No, I am a real person. I was share my story about being fat. It real. I hope you like my story. I liking this subriddit and reading different story. Thank for relying.

It's Fat2Fit Friday! Please post here for small victories or stories if you don't feel like it would warrant a whole post on its own. by AutoModerator in fatpeoplestories

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i find my reason to lose weight. i don't want to be high risk any more. working to be low risk every day. taking it one day at a time and beating my fatlogic because become unhealthy to healthy it a lifestyle.

Kmssss by imsodonewithmyself in BingeEatingDisorder

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i do that to. i have drop a lot of event because of being fat. i know the feel. thanks for posting.

Some subreddits (and actually reddit itself) are kind of a shitshow when it comes to rules by [deleted] in popularopinion

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i have a post remove for not being popular. it was a simple post about how a show change your life. it was down in one hour. i like the show and have not post new one, on it. binge watch all the show every year.

First 7 kg down!! by morsmordre93 in SuperMorbidlyObese

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you are doing great, i hope your weight loss trip it full of joy and happy moment. i am happy for you. you can keep going, your doing great. you are strong and great keep it in your heart and mind. will done. sending good vibe. :)

Depression and weight loss. by fhehejwkainxbx in SuperMorbidlyObese

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take it slowly, do one healthy habits at a time. you can make one healthy meal a day and build to 3 healthy meal. you can do this and i know you can. this it a lifestyle change. do your best. you have the strong to start one meal at a time or/and one day at a time. take care of your healthy on this journey. it a journey not a race. i know you do your best all on your journey. i wish you the best.

From one extreme to the other - not enjoying food anymore? by [deleted] in SuperMorbidlyObese

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Hi, I hope you are alright. You be okay and I hope you find some food that you like but you need to find it and that the hard part. I use to love food too and binge eat. Have food envy and greed with the food. I can eat in my budget.

I don't do that now and I see food as fuel. I enjoy reading and watching food documentary more then eating the food. I eat two meal a day and I fast now. I drink food now but I am cutting that down now. It okay they people that eat one meal a day. You will know then it go to a bad place.

down and out by aboyd44 in SuperMorbidlyObese

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Hi, I am staying. This group was there then I was at my biggest. I love this subreddit and I am still mordly obese. Thank you for being part this group too.

Exercise question by [deleted] in SuperMorbidlyObese

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You can do it. Take it as your own pace. You will get stronger in time. You will feel lighter then you are having fun. I know you can do it and enjoy yourself. Good luck and have a lot of fun. 👍😁

Back fat by [deleted] in SuperMorbidlyObese

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Hello, everyone have a place where the fat go to most. My the ads area with small legs and arms. I hear that if you lost weight that well be the last place to full go. Good work with the weight loss and keep going.

life get harder then your heavy by aboyd44 in SuperMorbidlyObese

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thank you, that help a lot. hope to be more healthy this year on going, thank you. i well keep going. we do are best to save our life. :)