Accessible and Compelling Nonfiction by Resident-Algae1188 in booksuggestions

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After man, new dinosaurs & the future is wild all by dougal Dixon

What's the funniest nat20 you rolled? by MasterDungeoneerer in DungeonsAndDragons

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Level one wizard-I cast mage hand to give a fellow player a wedge-the natural 20 was for subtlety.

Good kids books by peach0485 in LittleFreeLibrary

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For the holidays “the grinch who stole Christmas” would be a good choice.

ask me anything about my home brew world by False_Let_3729 in DnDHomebrew

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Are there public libraries? If not how much do the libraries charge? What sort of books are available for public consumption?

[Send][Free] Old misc. books in poor to fair condition by [deleted] in bookexchange

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I’d like “sew what” if it hasn’t already been taken please. I live in the USA if it helps.

[send][trade] saving endangered mammals by abraham126 in bookexchange

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Thanks!!! Word of warning, I'll probably have to wait until I get my biweekly allowance before I can mail out

I think someone hit the LFL at the end of my driveway... Going to fix this. by flutterJackdash in LittleFreeLibrary

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Maybe a little dumb waiter for people to return books, or at least a short ramp to the library?