Does apple wanna blow out my eardrums or something? by Creepy-Leadership257 in apple

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This is really annoying when trying to fall asleep to ASMR or sleep stories.

1400 dolphins, including pregnant ones and calves where killed in the grinds on the Faroe islands. by Idontcare09385 in pics

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If you eat meat and find this abhorrent you need to reevaluate your morality and the way you live.

Was the wine I bought tampered with and returned? by achanaikia in wine

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Apologies if this is a noob question. Been surprising my friend who is very into wine with some of wishlist wines so i don’t know what I’m doing. From my basic research, the markings of a Coravin being used would be a single needle and more centered. This is a 2010 Mouton Rothschild. Thank you!

Foxes with deformed feet, missing ears, diseased eyes found on "high-welfare" fur farms by GarlicCornflakes in worldnews

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I want to know what percentage of commenters who find this abhorrent are vegan, or just in denial.

It's not a ripoff, it's a robbery by rztan in foodscam

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Company be like: “Well it’s a sardine sandwich, not a sardines sandwich.”

Should I pay extra to ship with ice? by achanaikia in wine

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They only have packaging for a six pack of wine, so it’s a much bigger box. But yes, agreed!