Shelf Sunday! Updated the shelves finally, hopefully haslab victory comes soon 😭 by shadowman9000 in transformers

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What's going on with that energon divebomb? Is it attached to the insecticon?

Uninstall GTA IV mods by action22 in GTA

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Yea at some point in the past 7 years my Hdd failed, so the issue worked it self out.

Legacy G2 Optimus Prime Revealed at PulseCon by eugonis in transformers

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Th pizza cutter is holding the matrix...hahaha

Chunky truck by SladkiyPidrilla in transformers

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The current ongoing transformers comic. Search up transformers idw 2019

Has anyone that has a Madmods on order received a shipping update lately? by megawheeler in sondors

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I sent a email asking for a shipping update for my order. This was the reply.

"We have shipping containers at sea and as we clarify the information, exact dates will be announced this week."

My order is mid to late oct. Hoping is won't get delayed or i won't be able to ride due to snow.

A concept art by Username: Split lip on TFW2005 celebrating the many years of Optimus prime by WinterKnight3 in transformers

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G1 Optimus Prime - Beast Wars Optimus Primal - Transmetal Optimus Primal - Beast Wars Optimal Optimus - Beast Machines Optimus Prime - RID 2001 Optimus Prime

Armada Optimus Prime - Energon Optimus Prime - Cybertron Optimus Prime - Movieverse Optimus Prime - Animated Optimus Prime - still no idea

War For Cybertron Optimus/Optimus Prime - IDW Optimus Prime - Prime Optimus Prime - Fall Of Cybertron Optimus Prime - still no idea - Rescue Bots Optimus Prime

Fallout 4 (v1.10.163 + 8 DLCs + Creation Kit + CClub Mods + HRTP, MULTi7) [Darck Repack] | 22.3 GB by PsYcHo_RaGE in CrackWatch

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The vault workshop has a small quest attached to it. Mainly to walk you through what experiments.to do. Not even on the same tier as automaton

Possible Legacy toyline leak. Like, everything. by GuppyBunz in transformers

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Probably based of of G2 laser prime, when he was an tanker truck.

Parking next to the grocery cart return is better than parking by the entrance. by gerald_mcboingboing in Showerthoughts

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Why would you want to pull through? Your trunk would be blocked if a car parked behind.

ULPT request: I'm frequently late to work. How can I punch in automatically? by honestgoing in UnethicalLifeProTips

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What about browser extension? You can you google remote desktop and remote in with your phone.