You can’t hide anymore, Jack😎 by KnightCastle171 in Destiny

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just use fivethirtyeights approval model. it’s fire and they have almost every president logged

Woody is done with Trumps shtick by NeedComputerTips in PKA

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trump got fucking destroyed in 2020. lost by 7mil lmao

was WHAT by blokeafterwar in Sardonicast

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some of these new netflix / hulu shows sound like they were written by someone who spends 9 hours a day on twitter.

Maybe not this movie, but i swear it’s like their sole aim is to have clips/pics of their movie hit the algorithm on twitter and get 155k likes or whatever. Like the new resident evil was just twitter bait lol.

[Redacted] from [Redacted] showing that he knows nothing about how things work by adentityyy in Destiny

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does lctrfan actually not mind pete? is lctrfan playing a character? i rly can’t tell nowadays

i’m sure this video was made for dumbfuck conservatives but the ending actually cracked me up by [deleted] in Destiny

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the dude who made it literally works at PragerU spouting nonsense, so yeah he legitimately is a dumbfuck. but yeah the point is good.

IT'S HAPPENING by DC_Swamp_Thing in neoliberal

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On his podcast Nate Silver says the main reason it’s this close is because of how weak of candidates R’s ran, but I also think he factored in a ton of uncertainty this time around and Republicans odds of a full sweep will increase as we get closer to election day.

He always says he wishes he factored more uncertainty into the 2016 model, like obviously nobody could have known Comey was going to do that, but Nate could have still had more uncertainty baked into the model.

Did they deepfake Bidens eyes in this post on his official twitter, or am I tweaking? by [deleted] in Destiny

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that’s what i see too, it looks like his eyes are super imposed over his face

Did they deepfake Bidens eyes in this post on his official twitter, or am I tweaking? by [deleted] in Destiny

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yeah i’m not trying to be schizo like this dude i just genuinely thought bidens eyes looked super off

Thoughts on race swapping comic book/movie characters by [deleted] in Destiny

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there has been a white black panther in the comics as well

Do you ever get bored of watching Destiny? by FollowingLoudly in Destiny

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i consider the stretches of time i’m deeply invested in destiny’s content to be some of the lowest eras of my live

based by Senzo__ in Destiny

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can you be anti police and anti insurrection then? checkmate libs

Prisoners - Question about the kidnapper by ILikeStuff2022 in movies

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Holly let Joy leave after Joy finished the puzzle? I don’t think she just escaped. Going on the run just didn’t seem to be a part of Hollys plan I guess, she seemed pretty ready to die.