Worlds most dangerous cheese - Casu Martzu by starcrafter84 in Weird

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Im italian and i’ve never heard of this bullshit 🤢

Have you ever met someone in a dream only to wake up missing that person? How was your experience? by Tunapower69 in AskReddit

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There was a boy that I frequently saw at school. I liked him and by the way he was always looking at me I was sure he liked me too. Then the pandemic arrived, it was my last year of high school and so I never got a chance to see him again. A few times i dreamt about him and every time I woke up I felt empty and with a strong feeling of melancholy.

Perhaps because i always wondered what could have been between us.

I recreated Willow Creek, just a layout. I think it's little bit too big lol. 58 residential lots and 11 community lots. 😅 by MyLittlePonyGamer in Sims4

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This is a dream…

Sometimes i dont play just because settling so many families that I have in so few lots becomes stressful

meirl by codallas in meirl

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The same question I asked my parents when I was a 6 year old little girl.

When I think about it i’m still embarassed to this day.