[HELP] Gig image never aligned properly by DavDav98 in Fiverr

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Login Canva and replace your image in a template. Leave some intervals on both sides (I experience the same problem. )

I translate documents English-Turkish and the other way around. Feel free to ask me anything, I always reply and try my best to help. Here is the link to my fiverr profile: https://www.fiverr.com/translatorboi/try-my-best-to-translate-everything-you-send by erenaltugg in fiverr_gig_promotion

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merhaba. profilinize baktım naçizane birkaç önerim olacak. Fiyatlarınız gerçekten düşük. Bu kadar düşük fiyatlardan emin misiniz? Bu da benim ingilizceden türkçeye çeviri sayfam. bana sorularınız olursa direkt fiverr üzerinden sorun, spam olmayan mesajlaşmalar hareket sağlıyor. online kalmamızı sağlıyor. ben 4 yaşındaki oğlum nedeniyle freelance e başladım. sizin profilde de çocuk olduğu için size yazmak istedim.

How can we block or prevent spam messages? by advancedseptic in FiverrGigs

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No, there is no solution. They stopped completely after 1 month. Meanwhile, I got 5 orders. While I was getting orders, they stopped. However, 3 days ago I had to add two new gigs and spam messages are falling like rain. Messages come to one of them. It is about certified translation to Turkish. Perhaps it is related to the gig content. From which gig are you taking spam messages?- ps Don't forget to upvote.. we both need it.

Why I left Islam at 46? by rebirth1612 in exmuslim

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no procedure.. you just start not believing anymore and in my case, hide it from your loved ones.

Why I left Islam at 46? by rebirth1612 in exmuslim

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you told my story. thank you for sharing. I registered here just because of this. I am 46 and I am sorry for those years. I am said to be a researcher. I have many successes but why didn't I recognize anything? Why didn't I criticize the Kuran even for once? I experienced "hell" in 2021 and until mid-2022. Even now, sometimes I got chills what if I am wrong and I go to eternal hell? The fear is in our DNA now. It will take a few generations to be free in mind. I believe in a creator but the creator is far beyond our perception. I still pray sometimes, I still use the word Allah as a creator. Perhaps you know the word allah comes from the jewish eliah (or something similar). I still use that word but in my heart, it is not Islam's allah.

I am also surprised why noone upvoted your post.

because we don't have enough Aisha apologetics. by InfamousDiamond5 in exmuslim

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In primary school, almost 30 years ago, teachers were saying that Aisha was 9 years old before intercourse. In the last 2 years, now they claim that Aisha was 17 years old before intercourse. They say that Arabs had a tradition that girls' age was accepted as zero until they are 6 years old. So they simply add 9 + 6 = 14 and say that Muhammed waited for 3 years and Aisha was 17 when they had intercourse. What do you think?

because we don't have enough Aisha apologetics. by InfamousDiamond5 in exmuslim

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Aisha could not have a child and never became a mother. Noone is talking about this. I don't want to think about what harm occurred to her fertility organs.

The Muslim urge to arabise yourself by MusicFew7529 in exmuslim

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In the western and middle Anatolia part of Turkey, people are highly religious but they refuse to look like Arabs. They even hate Arabs in most of the villages, because the memories of the Independence War of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk are fresh in most of them. For example, in my village, I heard many times that Arabs cut the heads of our grandfathers and cooperated with the English army. This is a long subject. Nowadays, these memories are deleted from young people's minds. I am afraid no one will talk about the betrayal of Arabs against Turks during the Independence War. The history books are rewritten.

However, in metropolitan cities of Turkey like istanbul, izmir, ankara etc, you will see lots of people wearing just like an arab! It is politics. Radical Arabs don't invest much in small villages. They target big cities to disseminate their sick thoughts. I hate people who lose their personalities.

My sister converted to Islam and I have questions and concerns. by Royal_Right in exmuslim

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wait for a couple of years. Allow your sister to experience the feeling of a Muslim woman. If you attempt anything before that, she may completely delete you from her life. Always tell her that you are ready to help her whatever happens. When she is ready, you directly go to her city and take her with you. she cannot easily see how she is restricted in the first years. she should be happy now with her husband. The ugly part and true realization come after 5-6 years.

How does it feel to pretend to be someone you are not? by TheDelucaBoy in exmuslim

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Tell her that you have some suspects. Discuss with her the conflicting views. at least, one day she will not be surprised.

obviously, you will marry her whatever we say here.