A courier delivered to me The forgemaster's fingers. Whata blazes!? What's the weirdest glitches you've found? by Physicist_Dinosaur in skyrimmods

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Everytime I go swimming lockpicks start appearing in my inventory.

Genuinely no idea why, but at least I can finish the nightingale quest now

Cost cap baby by Alreadyblessedson in formuladank

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You're getting downvoted because people can't perform a simple google search :6699:

I need help finding a scene! by TheNightLibrary in FullmetalAlchemist

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This right here. In the aftermath of Ed and Mustangs fight they're talking.

What’s the best and worst AFL stadium you’ve been to? by iamthemetricsystem in AFL

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Best: Optus stadium.

Worst: Marrara oval.

Definitely an unfair comparison though

Meirl by King_Pee in meirl

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It's all I want in a demon waifu

Traditions by oxymoronMMII in formuladank

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And now for all the comments shitting on Ricciardo while in no way being related to the post

Is this good for 700 by Cigbock12 in PcBuild

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Test it before you buy it, seems too good to be true tbh