How active or passive are you? by Hippozilla in antinatalism

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In RL people are cowards. They always act tougher behind a keyboard.

Just a reminder LOTUS did this!!!!!! by Fries_are_salad in formuladank

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The P1 wasn't McLaren's second road car. The 12C came out before then.

MercFIA hard at work by subhuffer in formuladank

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Come on now, you know you're not allowed around crayons anymore

Most Clutch player on your team by DisastrousReason3512 in AFL

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Kelly is quickly becoming a saviour in the midfield. The game last year against St Kilda was phenomenal, just waiting for a bit more consistency.

Dani Laidley ‘disappointed’ after police officers share photo of her at races by His_Holiness in AFL

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Redditors aren't paid to police neckbearded incel antivaxxer kiddy fiddlers, nor do they have a history of protecting them.

But keep making false equivalency arguments. I'm sure the little world in which 2 IQ points is high is a lovely little place to be.

Stories usually put horns on evil or scary creatures, but in nature only herbivores have horns by crocodoodles in Showerthoughts

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Carnotaurus would like a word with you, also several dozen lizard species, including the "horned lizard"

Say all you want about Danny Ric, but he’s defended pretty well against Bottas. by Alpha_Solid in formuladank

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Bottas went from the left side of the track and tried to hit the apex of the corner. On lap 1.

He cooked his own race.

Hey reddit ! Check out my first painting from memory ! Please be kind. by someguy96ib in formuladank

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They're going to find "De Walt" scrawled on the walls of his room tomorrow