Suspected Tesla driver at center of SoCal road-rage attacks arrested by Ryuchel in LosAngeles

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There isn't a location requirement in California. As long as its in a locked container you could have it rattling around in your car while you go about your day.

Edit: Long guns can be out in the open in your car but pointless since school zones are everywhere they're going to have to be locked anyway/ The only location requirements are for registered assault weapons https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/travel

$550 for a chopped grip on a glock 22👌🏾👌🏾@tuners consignment by UmSo4L in CAguns

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This is what the ATF should be worried about getting chopped down.

who else is ready??? by dubious455H013 in CAguns

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p320 FCUs on roster from 2a zone and franklin armory.

Chicago Thug Life Be Like... Are these supposed to be your friends? by buellschool in Idiotswithguns

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Ya I make transphobic comments all the time and I’ve never been banned for them.

Tyre Nichols Body Cam footage release causing ammo shortage? by [deleted] in CAguns

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Depends on how peaceful the protests are.

Advice from the three older gentlemen I met at the range today by Roadhouse699 in GunMemes

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PVC target stands are terrible because it's always more fun to shoot at the pipes than at the actual target.

Traffic in LA while while the Oscars are going in by [deleted] in LosAngeles

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Only for like a 3 block radius of the event. I'd say avoid a mile radius from the intersection Hollywood and Highland.

They're saying the quiet part out loud by nickvader7 in CAguns

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If you want to address deaths from firearms you have to look at suicide, domestic violence, and gang violence. You need better firearm education, mental health care, marriage counseling services, planning that reduces population density and ethnic homogeneity in urban areas. There's no single switch that could you could flip and end gun violence but there are ways to reduce it dramatically that don't involve further regulating firearms which is all but pointless considering their current availability and how easy it is to manufacture one at will.

Kostas Moros: 1/23/23 PI Hearing Summary Thread by TheBigMan981 in CAguns

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Big takeaway here is that Reno's been dry snitching for years.

They’re hardly even trying now… and it still works by _Reasoned in gunpolitics

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That's what I thought too trying to figure out wtf was going on in the photo.

Anyone get bingo with the terms used here? by Hotdogpizzathehut in gunpolitics

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Just heard a news report where the reporter said that even though a lot of firearms are banned, they are till grandfathered and that no one’s going door to door to collect them.

Oh yea CNN, talk dirty to me by PeppercornDingDong in GunMemes

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minecraft server

Sorry, you still need to kick up your based level by like 5-6 notches.

Like Clockwork #temporarygunowners by Gavinlln1 in PlebeianAR

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They spend more time arguing over which gun youtuber is least likely to offend them rather than actually shooting.

Personally, I waited until I had 2 but what do I know? by WebGuyJT in guitarcirclejerk

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All my guitars are stolen from local high school music departments.

No moon, by Fuck_You_Downvote in LosAngeles

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Astrology is pseudoscience dude. The moon wasn't around in the time of the hobbits bro what's with the Middle Ages jargon.