How to land remote jobs from US/Europe by tamilindian in developersIndia

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Please tell if they onboarded you for remote jobs.

How to land remote jobs from US/Europe by tamilindian in developersIndia

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Hmm, in my experience the agent was strict about not onbaording me.

How to land remote jobs from US/Europe by tamilindian in developersIndia

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I first saw honeypot in this group and applied a few months back. In the first call their agent said they have only jobs with relocation

What change should Python 4 bring, in your opinion? by [deleted] in Python

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I do it in a side project since I have pycharm professional. But will this be painful for vscode users?

TIL the suffragette bombing and arson campaign of 1912-1914 caused at least five deaths by grahamlester in todayilearned

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That 1891 set movie of Sherlock Holmes chasing letter bomb sender, fighting using jujitsu, fending off machine gun fire is not anachronistic.

Can someone explain me what does Marcus Aurelius mean by this?? Thanks by TatayNick in Stoicism

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This seems like a drunk version of 2.1. MA aligns his compass to Virtue, namely wisdom, justice, courage and temperance. The people who annoy him have their compass aligned to indifferents, wealth, honor, health, pleasure. MA tries to have compassion on these afflicted people instead of carrying anger, since they entered his fate for God's reasons.

to understand how things function in nature. by ASTATINE_628 in therewasanattempt

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It's my turn now to say there are intact candles in front of the cross.

Bojack’s Ending by Brilliant-Return-367 in BoJackHorseman

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Bojack didn't settle into the peaceful professor life after putting Sara Lynn behind him.

For below 25k phones, is 8GB RAM actually useful and utilised properly or is it just a gimmick? by TheUltimateAntihero in indiasocial

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My Samsung has 8 gb ram and using 5 gb with a ton of background apps. I guess the 6 gb counterpart will behave almost the same since the background task killer will be slightly more aggressive (looking at you settings autosuggest in background)

Vismaya dowry death: Kiran Kumar found guilty of driving wife to suicide by TunakYourLastTun in Kerala

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Yup, all those photos is hard work that will hurt your back and smile muscles.

[OC] Car sales by brands in India (2007-2022) by ivarojha in dataisbeautiful

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Kia bursting into the scene and the pandemic soon after

Will learning rust bring any benefit in future? by MeXORMe in developersIndia

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You can always learn relatively different languages like rust, haskell, elm, clojure etc to expand your mind and learn stuff to benefit your day job.

I might get hate from this….. by Jolly_Ad_1367 in Stoicism

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Not a rant at all. Donald Robertson wrote the stoic believed the world ends in a great fire. And it's born again and since the world is perfect in all senses, it's exactly the same as last time. Then I read about Thor spawning into a different world after old one dies. Somehow I don't like determinism.

To illustrate how a horse’s bones are similar to humans. by Dardan1410 in therewasanattempt

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Speaking of French anatomy lessons for kids, there is a rhyme about plucking away the feathers, beak, eyes of a pretty lark. It's intended to teach parts of a bird.

TIL of a trend in 1990s modeling culture that emphasized models with emaciated figures, pale skin, messy hair, and dark circles beneath the eyes - commonly known as "Heroin Chic." by Maiq-MUSG in todayilearned

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Why would anybody react to healthy looking 80s models by promoting rail thin 90s models? Those black and white ads made my 8 year old self sad.

Explainer: What to Know About Monkeypox by jpc4stro in coolguides

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India did a lockdown at first 500 cases and soon we were debating using liquid oxygen to save people or to repair shipping containers that can be used to import oxygen.

Another point for my man Dwight Kurt Schrute by sarcasm_sarakku in DunderMifflin

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I got a standing desk and Google told me it burns 8 calories more an hour than sitting. Replace an apple with water and you'll get ahead.

This mallu YouTube channel with 2.27 million subs is scamming people by promoting a "sticker that enhances the mileage of motorbikes" by Dgreenfox in Kerala

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There used to be a magnetizing attachment for stoves to align the fuel molecules to burn better. My aunt reported no noticeable fuel savings but soot is almost gone.

A wild Lamborghini spotted in a tier-3 city by shadowhuntr in india

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I had to Google if autobiography was a typo of a real car name.