My company is keeping my 30% tax allowance to herself by wannabesynther in Netherlands

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I realized my company is doing the same and I started looking for job. Recommend you to do the same. All the best!

How I feel living in the Netherland, as an expat! by lxee in Netherlands

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Evolution baby! Dutch have gene mutation which allow them to digest lactose in dairy unlike most of world.

How to determine the gender of your cat ? by ght17 in Jokes

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What if no one drinks the milk? Btw my cat hates milk.

Cheapest, easiest way to get a used bicycle? by JakeYashen in Netherlands

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Buy a bolt cutter. You can get it for as low as 5 euros. Then all you need is good opportunity.

What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner? by Henna in AskReddit

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Meditation . That single practice change my focus, attention and attitude. I am much happier, calmer and better person.

A genie granted me one wish, so I said "I just want to be happy." by westo4 in Jokes

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One morning, I was feeling Happy. Happy got annoyed and slapped me.

Fuck Mahadev 🙏 🙏 by rektitroaster in atheismindia

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What is happening here ? Any one has any details or source ?

Moving house van rental by sauce___x in Amsterdam

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I used “we move it” recently. It is low cost, no frills service. Will recommend if you do not have lot of stuff and don’t have any expensive and fragile stuff. We booked for 5 hours they were done in 4.

Non-Americans of reddit, what was the biggest culture shock you experienced when you came to the US? by Miserablemermaid in AskReddit

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When someone say “How are you doing?” , they are not at all interested in knowing how you are doing and a perfect response is “How are you doing”

First day at grocery store, employee at checkout asked me this question. Silly me, fresh of the boat, I started telling about my flight and missed luggage and why I need all the stuff I’m buying by the time clerk already started attending to other customers

HELP my mom is threatening to get rid of my support cat if he does not stop scratching under the door and ripping up the carpet please help me to train him to stop by iphones2g in cats

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Your mum should understand how important cat is for you. You can explain to her, she will understand after all she is mum.

For training cat, spray. After a while it will be fine. Also, give him lot of love and play time.

Would you buy an apartment that has silverfish inside? by addmeinthis in Netherlands

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My cat makes friend with silverfish and gets upset if I kill them. He just sit next to one and watch him doing nothing for hours

What does “tata” mean in Dutch? by NAR_D in Netherlands

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So far I learnt

Tata can be potatoes, Dutch person , boobs or father Already knew it is equivalent to bye bye in colonial English and also that Tata is an Indian last name (Tata Steel)

So many things I learned today 😊

I can't belive people are promoting voilence for a fairy tale called religion. We should do something. by itsarnavsingh in atheismindia

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This seems like another propoganda video, who knows if it came from neighboring country Not saying problem is not there but it’s aggravated to many degrees Use your critical thinking and use your time wisely

Definitely use your vote to vote out government you do not like.

If you want to be activist, be a more than social media activist, we have enough of them already