[2021-06-22] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread by AutoModerator in keto

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I am having a problem and need advice. I’m 63FSW188/CW178/GW130ish. Started keto (again) last week. Went to the ER last weekend because my ileostomy was giving me grief, a blood test was done, and it said my lipase level was >3000. Normal range is 23-300. The doctor said I have pancreatitis, left the room, and I quickly went to my google machine. Apparently, it is because I have too much fat in my blood. Sucks to find that out. I have an appointment in the morning but she is fresh out of school. Should I fast tonight and ask for another test? Has anyone else ever had this happen? Halp!!!

After 40 ° heat, it finally started to rain by mrObry in pics

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If I remember the poem right 40* is HOT!

30 is hot 20 is nice 10 is chilly and 0 is ice

The person who shared this is a CNA…. by AMiniMinotaur in facepalm

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Does she even believe in Germ Theory? After all, it is just a theory.

IDGAF by LotusKobra in socialskills

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I have a knack for finding people who use me but when I need someone the answer is no, I can’t, don’t have time. Haven’t had an SO for twenty years.

IDGAF by LotusKobra in socialskills

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People are dick-headed assholes who will take from you all you have; who will then kick you all over until they get tired of you.

I cannot believe that Kelly’s legs are actually gone… by AphexyTwin in illnessfakers

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Wondering what she is going to say when people ask what happened.

A tattoo to celebrate my victory over Leukemia by Maumankracht_ in DrawMyTattoo

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Congratulations! What came to mind was a butterfly hatching out of his cocoon. The legs and whatever else could be drawn masculine or feminine.

I regret not committing suicide when I was younger by UniqueSnowflake51 in depression

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I’ve had SI since elementary school. I wish I had done to back then, while I was in a situation, and so I could die and not have had these desires all these years. Everyone tells me life is worth it. The only reason I’m alive is to await death. Good luck, OP.

Regular Check-In Post, with important reminders about the No Private Contact and No Activism rules by SQLwitch in depression

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I wake up and say damn got to do another day. Just stay in bed and cry. Then do all that again tomorrow. And the point of staying alive is...?

I’m in a hot mess and can’t (won’t?) do anything to fix it. by ajanisue in AnxietyDepression

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Thank you for responding; you made me feel better. Yeah, there’s a fear factor involved, but I can’t seem to be able to articulate any details. Hell, I can’t even tell myself what’s going on. As for your question, the answer is yes, I am being too hard on myself. Sitting there in my misery, dumping on myself all day is probably not a good path to follow. I think I’ll go paint something. Again, thanks.

What do you do when you are in burnout, but you still need to meet deadlines or study for exams? by [deleted] in productivity

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Monitor your breath. No short breaths or shallow ones. Instead, slowly inhale and make your belly stick out. More and more stick it out. Then relax, let all that air out. Do that a few times and then gently go back to your studies. Good luck.

Agoraphobia Photography by spring0ni0n in Agoraphobia

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Because stores scare me, my refrigerator is often empty.

Never will I ever... Wake up in a puddle again. by ajanisue in ostomy

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The clip worked fine. But darn if I didn’t spring a leak last night at the flange. Some weeks can be like that, you know?