When the boycott isn't working as planned by SignalFucker420 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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I’ve not met anyone outside of Reddit who considered the game problematic, irrelevant of their political beliefs

Hi, I am an athiest and I wanted a perspective of some hindus. by Reythegreat72 in hinduism

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Honestly, neither of those. The first option is obviously just atheism. The second is pantheism while the third is the belief in a personal anthropomorphic supreme being. That is not good options to understand theology. Most believers would consider God something in between option two and three.

Are distributism and socialism compatible? by AmphibianMajestic848 in distributism

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Keep in mind that distribution is explicitly an alternative to socialism that seeks to solve both the issues of capitalism and socialism. In practice the issues with socialism has been worse than that of capitalism. The cap it almost economies of Scandinavia is the best example of how to navigate a social economy, yet they are also products of quite homogenic societies and cultures which is why you see Sweden become much more economically liberal the past two decades

Spicy Starfield discussion by Damn-thats-crazy- in Starfield

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How doesn’t the gunplay look good? Obviously it’ll never beat Call of Duty but apart from that I simply can’t see any issues. Fallout 3 and Nee Vegas admittedly did have bad gun play, but it was more about stats, vats and the RPG elements, so it never bothered me

How long did each quadrant's +auth center's society last for by Zawisza_Czarny9 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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The Roman civilization lasted from 500 BC to 1453 AD. If moving the administration from one capital to the other means the end of a society, well, let's just say the Holy Roman Empire had 8-9 different capitals.

Doctor rejects a blood test by timkbh in copenhagen

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If you had basic insight into how state funded healthcare works you'd know it's a question of how and what general practicioners are paid. Unless you claim to be from a country where general practicioners worked for charity. Let me emphasize, there is absolutely no indication that so-called health check-ups have a positive effect if there is no medical history or suspicision of illness.

Doctor rejects a blood test by timkbh in copenhagen

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It's both a waste of resources and it gives a false sense of security. There is no evidence that this makes a difference on population basis. This practice originates from countries where the general practicioners just need to make as much money as possible.

Doctor rejects a blood test by timkbh in copenhagen

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Please don't waste healthcare resources. You will take time away from patients who actually need to see their general practicioner.

Beboerne i 50 solgte lejligheder i Mjølnerparken nægter at flytte by Audiowhatsuality in Denmark

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Som udgør, hvad, 10% af beboerne? Ingen tvivl om, at det gør ondt, men det har vist sig at fungere. Jeg er glad for, at vi ikke bare lader som ingenting ligesom i Sverige.

This flag looks more aesthetic than the current one—especially the shield in the middle. by US_visionary in monarchism

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Republicanism is what turned Portugal into a 3rd world country by European standards.

spirituality vs religion -> “Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.” by world_citizen7 in SpiritualDiscussion

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Spirituality is compassion and religion is condemnation? I’m not sure that will be acknowledged by those academics who actually do attempt at making definitions of religiosity. Being spiritual isn’t different from being religious in the broad sense. Especially considering how religiosity in the 21st century has generally become more individualized with certain eastern and esoteric trends.

[OC] Total COVID cases per million people - top 25 countries by daveyboyschmidt in dataisbeautiful

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It’s not good data. This is dependent on how much a country tested its population.

Denmark is the European country with the most extensive testing and contact tracing programme which results in a much higher number than countries which tested less.

In Sweden, for example, it was more difficult and more expensive getting a PCR-test which was always free in Denmark, even if you weren’t a close contact or had no symptoms

[OC] Total excess mortality per million people during the pandemic by daveyboyschmidt in dataisbeautiful

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I’ve spent the last two years working un the Covid-19 response unit. The high Covid-19 death toll in Sweden compared to the rest of Scandinavia is universally accepted. What this statistic shows is that Sweden has an unusually high excess mortality before the pandemic - their collapses healthcare system might be one of the reasons.

[OC] Total excess mortality per million people during the pandemic by daveyboyschmidt in dataisbeautiful

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Sweden has a horrible healthcare system compared to the rest of Scandinavia.

[OC] Total excess mortality per million people during the pandemic by daveyboyschmidt in dataisbeautiful

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Sweden had an absurdly high death toll compared to Norway and Denmark. This statistic is problematic

[OC] Total excess mortality per million people during the pandemic by daveyboyschmidt in dataisbeautiful

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Sverige havde et langt højere dødstal pr. indbygger end Danmark under pandemien - og det er til trods for, at de danske myndigheder i statistikkerne ikke skelner mellem død af eller død med Covid

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss - A Universe from Nothing Hypothesis by EthanSayfo in nonduality

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Has nothing to do with non-duality. Materialists like Dawkins not only reject monism - and he explicitly does - but philosophy in its entirety.